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Here we are, another year in the wraps and no one even blinked. I mean seriously, does anyone know where the time went? In less than a month I will be 21! No regrets, really to me it means I can do somethings legally now :D But yeah, deep down, I didn't live it up to its entirity ... no excuses there, my bad. I did give it my best shot though.

Any resolutions? Feel free to post them up here if you're really liberal and you're one of the seven devoted readers I have! (Yes, I occasionally check my analytics) I'm in a mood too sombre to not think of things like resolutions and what I've learnt so far.

I'm going to make this as crisp as it comes:

What Siddharth learnt from 2006:
1] Stitches removed from your ear are the most painful thing in the world.
2] I have limits.
3] I can't understand everything.
4] Everything is an acquired skill. You pick something up and practice it long enough, you get good at it no matter what it is, except if it is understanding everything ... or flying or behaving like a horse.
5] I miss reading a good book. (I just finished Bringing Down The House by Ben Mezrich.)
6] Doing is way better than saying you can do. Saying you can do with utter confidence and the suave demeanor of a jock is overrated.
7] You can find extraordinary things in the most ordinary places. You just have to look. It's not about looking at it in the right way, it's just about looking at it.

What Siddharth would like to happen to him in 2007:
1] More perseverance. I need to test those damned limits.
2] More focus. I dilly-dally like a piece of Jelly trying to decide between mint and tooty frooty. Sometimes at least. (1 and 2 are project related)
3] Keep working out.
4] Respect and love my family more ... I really do not do this a lot. Shame on me and everyone else who feels this way!
5] Become taller (Fat chance! But since I'm now in a wishing mood)
6] Fix everything I want to fix.
7] Become an engineer! (This one I love!)

Number 5 is not going to happen so have a Happy New Year. To end it all, a classic by Slayer. One of my original favorites, a tune that will haunt, words that will carve.

"On and on,
South Of Heaven"
Slayer - South Of Heaven.


The Truth

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The only real indignity is in giving up without a fight.

That is the very truth of it all.

"There's only one way home."
Manowar - Heart Of Steel


I was googling stuff about this documentary "Google Behind The Scenes" ...

The video is really well-made, it tries to be objective by showing different opinions on the same subject, even though it's more inclined towards conspiracy theories.



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Those books I spoke of ... frikin expensive!! So I'm reading this one, Guitar For Dummies

Guitar strings on untrained fingertips are bloody painful!



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I'm sleeping through the next forever now.

1] Teach myself the guitar, who better to teach than me huh!
2] Watch more movies.
3] Read.
4] Put an app online.
5] Be lazy.



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5:30pm I have a date with freedom.

"Hey! No, we don't let go,
We all need our daddy."
Monster Magnet - Silver Future.


Last One.

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Day after tomorrow the 23rd of December is my last exam for this semester. And it's my Design and Analysis of Algorithms' paper. 4 units of 6 I've done before. The other two are kind of vague so I'm going to do them tonight itself. Then tomorrow all six.

My exams have gone good so far.

This one.

This one.

This one will take something more. And I will give it to you. More than you can imagine.

"Come on man,
Lets stand up above the world."
Accept - Balls The The Wall.


Balls To The Wall

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Udo Dirkschneider is King of the metal midgets.

"You better watch the damned."
Accept - Balls To The Wall.




Will Ferrell is Phil Weston in the movie Kicking and Screaming (2005)

Phil Weston: [Phil is being kicked out of Beantown] What's happening Derek, I thought we were friends.
Beantown Employee: My name is Andy!
Phil Weston: [Screaming through closed door] No, your name is LIAR, 'cause you tell LIES.

I finally have something to shout in someone's face when they lie to me ... blatantly that too.

"Endless fight"
Unearth - Endless


Good News?

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Pixrat and Bixee acquired by MIH

These are Indian web 2.0 companies.

Very good news.



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Lots of interesting things happened at the Barcamp in Pune, I recently attended.

1. I met Jonathan who gave me some important know-how about when to scale your application, and how to think about doing it in terms of virtual slices offered by people like the folks at RailsMachine. We also spoke about SQL servers and liscense fees.

2. I met the guys from Nanocast, which looks like a really exciting application and spoke to them about how things work and how BitTorrent is the next big thing in content delivery.

3. I walked into the ending of the presentation from the guys at BookEazy.

All in all, it was a great experience. I got some names of startups in the local mobile sector that I should probably look into and analyze different business models.


Behemoth - Demigod

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Behemoth - Demigod is an insanely brutal album.

"If you're a death metal fan, you need this like you need water."

"O! Mighty watcher,

Thou art all

And all art in thee"

Behemoth - The Reign Ov Shemsu - Hor


Wish List.

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I've always wanted to get of my ass and read something so this time I decided to get started with reading some good literature.

Plus someone suggested I take breaks that don't put me in physical harm. That and I watch too much bad TV, right bhaiyya?

Just need a break from college, which I will probably never get. Change that to just let my exams get over :)

1] Night - Elie Wiesel.

2] Kite Runner - Khaled-Hosseini.

3] Busting Vegas - Ben Mezrich.

All in all, should be fun. Last time exams got over, I read Freakonomics - Steven Levitt. I remember being able to read on and on, that was all before Commandos of course.

"We are sons of Odin"

Manowar - Swords In The Wind.



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Tomorrow, 2:30pm I have my OS exam, Im reading the last chapter.

Error #1:

Captain Cooked Mode! arrrr! (wait, was he a pirate?)

I swear that's what's written word for word. Four R's. Wait ... was he a pirate?

Error #2:

Reasons for computer malfunction:

1] Human Error.

2] Computer Error.

3] Act Of God - Hurricane, Typhoon, Terrorist attack etc.

Shit, I want to kill someone for this.



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Mereko ganda bhook laga hai, which translates to, shit I'm HUNGRY!

Okay, so basically there's nothing to eat but .... things to do in such situations:

1] Maybe if I stop telling myself I'm hungry I'll stop being hungry. That blew up in my face about 20 minutes ago.

2] Drink lots of water. If I have one more sip of water, something bad will happen ... I'm sure of it.

3] Eat trash. That crap seriously tastes like trash, plastic-y trash. I'd rather die of starvation than try eating that again (yes, this hunger is not new)

4] Dream about food ... no wait, it's DON'T dream about food. Awww damn, I ruined it.

5] Milk? Maybe there's milk ... maybe I can make a cup of tea, which won't do squat for my empty stomach.

6] Biscuits. Hmmm, last time I ate two packets worth of that Monaco trash and woke up with my stomach burning. We'll call this plan B.

7] Wake someone up? Hahahahahaha. No.

8] Buy instant food tomorrow, so this doesn't repeat itself? Yes!

But what about now :(

In school I knew this kid who would eat chalk, paper and drink ink. I was terrified of him, even though I knew he was a good kid. I should have learnt early!


This is what I got together from the fridge:

1] A mediocre bowl of rice.

2] A small amount of Spinach. For my Popeye muscles.

3] A very small amount of Aloo Gobi.

4] Brittania Fruit Rolls?

Since there was no Daal to get the rice wet, I added Pasta sauce and microwaved it all. I wouldn't be blogging, but it's really hot right now.

So ... paper, chalk, ink boy - 0 Sid - 1

Whose your Dadday now huh?


I hate Spinach.

"Bitter, sweet"

Lamb Of God - Break You



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When I was in the 7th standard, there was a question for a 10 mark letter writing test. The question was, to write a letter explaining to your Father what you had done when the lights in the house had gone out. I wrote a four page letter for a whole one hour about how I was the elder brother and my little brother had gotten locked in the bathroom. I wrote that I took a hammer and broke the door down.
This actually happened to me when I was a kid. Chandan mama broke the door down with a hammer, my Mom was in tears. I still remember the broken door. The teacher was Mrs. Rana, she gave me a 7 on 10 for that letter, that was the highest you could get on an English Language test in school.

In the 9th standard we had a literature teacher, Mrs. Rollins. Our syllabus prescribed us a "some collection of short stories" book. That book had three of the most awesome stories I've ever read. The Diamond Necklace (written by Guy De Maupassant) and Dusk (written by Saki) and The Sniper (forgot the writer).
She never taught us a single thing related to the syllabus, being the most coolest old anglo-indian lady that she was (ICSE schools are the best) she'd tell us about the writers, and she'd tell us more stories ... but never about the syllabus.
I always ate in class, I still do. She caught me eating a packet of BonBon biscuits once. She just looked at me said, "I see Mr. Dawara hasn't gotten any breakfast in his tummy yet." She made me read the story Dusk aloud, and then promptly allowed me to return to eating my biscuits.

In the 10th standard, I hated all my teachers. Except the Maths teacher, Mr. Varghese, he made me like Maths like I never have.
I wrote my first piece of pure fiction in a class composition test. I hated the topics we had, I don't even remember what they were. All I remember was that I wrote a four page composition (way over the prescribed word limit) on the last human on Earth's dying struggle. AI had finally won, and this was the last man. I wrote four pages about his dying thoughts. The teacher never read or graded those papers, but I felt like a bird by the time I was done.

10th standard prelims, the topic for the composition was "You run into your friend of long ago." I wrote my second piece of pure fiction. I wrote that not only did I meet my friend but I shot him for money. I spent 40 minutes plotting out the minutest of details. In the same test, or a different one I think, we were supposed to write a letter to our parents back home about one night in school. I wrote that I saw a movie and when I came back, I thought I was being stalked and heard screams and other such assorted eerie sounds. I wrote that I faced and conquered my fears that night only to find out the next morning that a murderer had killed my best friend. I cleverly put the newspaper headlines outside the letter.
She failed me that test and threatened to call my Mom to school.

11th standard English class. The textbook for this time was HSC prescribed, and utter potty stuff. I got thrown out of class and banned from attending all English lectures in the future. Thank you maam!

11th standard final exam. The topic this time was about writing a letter to your friend describing how your Father took you to his workplace. I wrote that my Dad was a archaeologist and when he took me to some ancient village I touched something and contracted an ancient plague. When I went back home, I spread the plague which ultimately led to the downfall of the world around us. I gave it a Skeletons of Society motif. Very nice, it was.
In the same paper there was an essay topic about your first day at work. I wrote that I was hired as an assistant to some Physics professor ... ahhh Mr Feynman. Slight discrepancy, I wrote he also invented the bomb. He and I reversed the effect of the nuclear bomb, turning all the energy to one big blob of harmless mass. The end effect was that the he lost his mind. I remember writing that at the end he was cradling himself with the words, "I don't have to be afraid anymore" The cleverness of it all was that the whole essay had a motif of how I was not afraid of my first day at work.

She summoned me to her office. She said if I continued writing like that especially in the HSC papers I would fail.

I wrote many stories at this point. I gave some of them to her. She gave me some good criticism and encouraging words, but told me I'd have to write simple to get marks in my exams.

I gave my 12th standard English paper and skipped 16 marks because I never read the questions.

I got 52 in the 12th standard English paper.

My first year of engineering. I wrote my favorite piece after watching the duel between Saruman and Gandalf. It was about two men fighting, I called it "At Dawn They Wake". I ended it with the lyrics from my favorite Megadeth track.

A year later I wrote my next favorite piece about a family of Dragon Slayers. The setting was quite nice. The people fed the dragon every now and then, and it left them alone. Except this one guy couldn't take it. So he hunted it down. Twist was that the dragon was invisible, so it charred the brave fool. His legacy lived on though. A tale of revenge is a sweet tale to tell.

A year later my had disk crashed and I lost that story.

Six months ago me and a couple of my very good friends made a 45 minute documentary on a local heavy metal band and how it was a struggle to write original compositions that fans can like because all they expect from local bands are covers.
It was an utter crap movie, but it was our movie. I filmed two songs live, one of them being Children Of Decadence by Children of Bodom. It was a very fulfilling forty five minutes.

I haven't written anything in ages. Sometimes I miss being a kid, sometimes I don't. It's quite an odd feeling.

"The Gods made heavy metal,
And they said that it was good.
They said to play it louder than hell,
We promised that we would."
Manowar - The Gods made heavy metal.



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"Failure is only possible when you refuse to learn from your mistakes."

"An amateur is someone who does things again and again till he gets it right. A professional is someone who does things again and again till he stops getting it wrong."

Both quotes stolen from blog I read.

"Do you want to take a life
Do you want to cross that line
Cause its a long way back from hell
And you dont want to go with me"
Danzig - A long way back from hell


They invented the neuron whip

What's interesting is, a commenter says if it wasn't for mass gatherings there wouldn't be an India upheaval against British India, there wouldn't be an Anti Vietnam protest.

Then again, another commenter notes, the Amritsar massacre would not have occurred.

In the past, the Indian police have shown amazing amounts of prudence(sarcasm) in dealing with large crowds, there was the incident with the medical students, the incident with the striking workers.

If this were to come to India, I would be scared.

"Don't burn the witch
the ways of hell aren't wrong
don't burn the witch
let them brew their song"
Venom - Don't Burn The Witch.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


On the bottom of a facebook page.

"It's a trick. Get an axe."

"Fall to your knees,
And repent if you please."
SYL - Excitor.

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Don't die of ignorance: Facts about AIDS.

Read it, even if you think you know what AIDS and HIV is all about.

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This is odd.

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Hmmm, I've spent half a day trying to figure out how to construct an SLR parser table.

Which is good, because I finally did figure it all out. Now I feel really good.

But I also feel stupid because I'm wayy behind schedule :D

Stupid and good. Niice!
"I'm your furor baby"
ACDC - Furor.

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How to construct an LR parse table.

Wikipedia is the source of all knowledge.

"A new level,
Of confidence and power.
Such power"
Pantera - A new level.

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The director is calm, slow, and cautious, conserving his energy. After all, he has two more geeks to slay tonight.
Are you serious?!

Well said by the beat up critic, "He hit me too hard! This is a combination of PR and BS!"

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I'm moronically afraid of the dark ... at age 20.

So like all normal people who love to drink large gulps of water when they study late, I frequently need to drain my system.

It's 3:24am and well about five minutes ago I went to the loo and this is exactly what happened.

I'm stepping through the dark hallway inch by inch looking for shadows, deciphering who my shikari might be. I step into the bathroom and and just as I reach to switch the lights on I hear something.

My head swivels violently trying to figure out what the noise was, sweat instantly forming on my forehead my brain racing through rationalities of why ghosts can't exist and why I shouldn't be afraid because even if they do, it doesn't matter because I'm a good person.

My brain tries to remember what the sound was.

In all the confusion my jaw has stopped moving. Soft mashed up, moist remains of the 50-50 biscuit lay still on my tongue.

I think it was a chewing noise.

Which reminds me, I have to read the book "Night" after my exams.

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On using the Bakery algorithm to solve the problem of mutual exclusion for n-processes in an operating system.

"The idea here is that, customers take a number, and the customer with the lowest number gets service next.

Here, of course, 'service' means entry into the critical section"


Come on man! The innuendo is so thick you could cut it with a .. a.. innuendo cutting device.

Please dear Lord tell me I'm not the only one who sees this.

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Okay, so as a test I took a pic of my desktop, used the upload bar, uploaded it and now I'm dragging this onto the post.

Hmm, I was able to do all that in 30 to 40 seconds I think. The HTML for the image is automatically generated mind you.

Here's a cool tute on how the pic upload and use works.

Wow, I'm impressed. I wish I could tweak the automatically generated code though.



By Sid

I'm using the Flock web browser, which is equipped with tools to enhance blogging, tagging, multiple searching via an Ajaxed menu.

Why I'm loving it?

1] It caught hold of all my old bookmarks instantly.
2] The UI is catchy.
3] The upload and use pictures bar integrated with my Photobucket seamlessly.
4] It's built using Mozilla technology, so we know it's as safe!
5] All bookmarks are stored locally as well as on my delicous.
6] I have RSS in built. Looks much better than Sage did. (EDIT: The menu looks like Bloglines and the Stylesheets used to display the content are quite similar to Sage, but I like, I like!)
7] No Spyware!!!

Only trouble is the blog this feature. I'm having trouble setting it up with a Blogger API. Lemme see.

Flock 0.7.8 (Current Version) doesn't support an interface to blogger beta via "Blog This" which is said but assured, I will await this with bated breath!!

Till then a simple bookmark on my toolbar as before with firefox.

It's official. I'm going to sport the button!


My M-16

By Sid

I seriously wish I had an M-16, would have drilled holes in the guy who nudged the car with his leg.

Damn Pune traffic. Will never improve unless people will improve.

Damn Pune people. Will never improve till Pune improves.

Damn Pune. Will never change until I change it.

Damn ... wait I DO do my bit.

Damn idealistic lies.

Damn Pune traffic.

"Free fire zone with my M-16"
Sodom - M-16


Pilan Part 2

By Sid

Time Table:
9th December: ADBMS.
14th December: OS.
19th December: PCD.
21st December: OOMD. (Eargh!)
23rd December: DAA.

1] Build up the attack systematically.
2] Start slow and steady, one unit, two units a day.
3] Attack from the back.

"Sleeper, what did you see, close the window"
Katatonia - Sleeper

"Never waiver, never falter"
Hatebreed - As Diehard As They Come



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Does anyone know anything about "Malaysia and the Washington Concensus" Any books or websites will do.

Google didn't help much considering I have no idea what that means :)


As a heavy metal fan, I listen to some obscure bands, and I love them dearly. Now by obscure I don't mean like O! My God that's a name?! I mean obscure when compared to big wigs like Children Of Bodom.

My point is, sometimes its really hard to find a good band to listen to, and it's a rare occurence for someone to recommend a new album or a new band that just sits on my head.

Pandora does exactly that, and it does it bloody nicely. Vaibhav was telling me about this earlier today and I was simply floored. I already started a Lamb Of God station, and the service already recommended Sodom - M-16 which I seriously like.

Thankfully my connection is good enough to pay the song!

Now they're playing Buzrum for me, which is quite similar to Sodom in certain ways, but totally different in certain ways.

So the real question here is how do they do this?

The guys who started Pandora are really into their music, and the website further tells me that it's all part of "The Music Genome Project" So what they basically do is break the music down into attributes, like a sequence of DNA has pairs. But we're talking about hundreds of attributes. So for example, the song Sodom - M-16 is described as

hard rock roots
extensive vamping
minor key tonality
dirty electric guitar riffs
a gravelly male vocalist
an aggressive male vocalist
angry lyrics

Other Stuff:

1] The UI is pretty clean and easy to use.

2] After you listen to about four songs, they ask you to register with them. You can do so for free in which case they show you some ads or you can register with them for about 3USD to 12USD per month, which is pretty cheap considering how awesome they are!

3] License Issues. If you notice the player doesn't have a back button or rewind button.

I love this :D


We were last.

By Sid

In only number, not in spirit, nor in performance :)

The presentation went amazingly well, he got the concept thoroughly! He gave us a few instances where it could fail, but our model was consistent throughout!

We waited for more than 7 hours, really tired, but really happy :)


The new Bond movie blows my mind!!

I think everyone should watch it.

A refreshing change from the cheesy usual, Danny Craig makes an amazing Bond. Eva Green as Vesper Lynd simply takes away your heart piece by piece as the plot progresses. Which brings me to the plot ... hat's off to Ian Fleming.

Mads Mikkelsen Le Chiffre ... O! You evil bastard! The torture scene is simply amazing.

I think I enjoyed this one more than all of the others combined.


Big Boss

By Sid

I watch Big Boss

You watch Big Boss

We all watch the biggest Big Boss of them all.

To the tune of ACDC - Big Balls.


Here's a good PDF about raster and vector data in a GIS by John H Porter

If you ever need it, that is.


Samurai Jack

By Sid

"He who runs with arrogance has forgotten how to walk with dignity."
Samurai Jack.


I am the Warlock is a hidden track on the Probot album by Jack Black.

Jack Black ... is the man.

"I never sleep
I got a sinister plan
Your world is weak
And i'm overtakin' command"
Jack Black - I am the Warlock



By Sid

Three days without internet.

I swear, I felt like I was drowning man :D

The guys at the customer care centre for my ISP are idiots!! But hey, I'm not complaining ... no wait, I am!!


1] Put one foot in front of the other.
2] Start skipping, without bending knees.
3] Sing anything but "Skip to the loo my darling" is not allowed
4] Keep repeating steps 2 and 3.

Warning, if you have a long empty hall be careful; because you pick up speed. So when you approach a wall you can't stop because your now used to not bending your knees.

So your a tad bit embarrassed, but hey at least you felt like a horse :D


The internal never liked me.

The subject sucks humongous amounts of brain eating fungus.

I had no inclination to study it, whatsoever. Honest to God, I didn't. The only inclination was the marks.

Memory is, as always never on my side. Till the last minute I was forgetting almost everything.

Told myself, "Don't be nervous. Be Siddharth."


When it mattered, the will to win (coupled with the work) came through.

"Everything I need,
Is not really what I want."
Dry Kill Logic - Rot


Don't be nervous.
Be Siddharth.


Every single time I think of something Google goes and BAM! does it.

This time when I think of something, I swear I'm going to blog it so the timestamp will be proof that my brain does work in the applications domain.

Three days ago I was telling myself, "Hmm, wouldn't it be cool if Orkut showed you scrap notifications on GTalk" Today, they did it.

It's seriously like they're listening in on my thoughts man, first the spreadsheet, now this.

I'm blogging it all from now on.


Must See

By Sid

The Departed is a must see movie.


Tel Maalish

By Sid

Tel Maalish/Chumpi is Hindi for an "head oil massage".

It's an Indian tradition to go to your neighborhood barber to get an oil massage, even if you don't need one! Since the last two weeks have been kind of stressful for me I decided to get myself one.

Now usually, I get one with my haircut and since I'm feeling all horrid after a haircut I never really got to enjoy one as I would normally have, but today I realized what it was all really about.

To an outsider it just seems like your paying someone to hit you, but pressure in the right amounts at the right places just does all the right things.

All the stress from my shoulders and neck is gone, my nose hasn't been this open since I was 2. My head feels cool and I pretty much think I can take on the world, that part's not very different from the usual me but hey, this feels nice :-)

My advice to anyone and everyone is, go get yourself a chumpi, for in the words of the man with the smiling face himself.

"Is chumpi mein bade bade gun,
Lakh dukho ki ek dawa hai,
kyu na azmaye,
Kahe ghabraye,
Kahe ghabraye"



By Sid

Bad for you.

Plain and simple. Yes, it works. Yes, when it's 3am and you need to push ahead, it works. But it's bad, you wake up the next day feeling like someone shot you once in each shoulder.

So today, I'm not going to have my usual fix. Which basically is a small bit of cold milk with a lot of coffee.

I thought Mountain Dew would be a good idea, but apparently no one has any.

Lemon 7up anyone, it tastes like crap btw :D


Dave Winer: Programmers.

I'm hopeless :-)

"It's Hopeless."
Lamb Of God - Faded Line.


Ever since the first install of Xubuntu with my wireless Logitech, there's been an issue with some special characters.

The Tilda Character.
The Pound Character.
The At.

It's some how all mixed up, so for example everytime I want to put something in double quotes, I need to go shit + 2. "" Like so. Now, I have a lot of C/CPP programming behind me and in front so that I can get used to, but as you will have it, fate it seems, is not without irony.

AWK programming requires usage of almost all special characters, and I can't seem to find a decent half solution to solving this problem, maybe it's the drivers who knows?! Maybe Ubuntu has my keyboard configured as from Siberia or something?!

I'm too lazy to google the answers now, but will later and post.

Till then, some good old copy paste should work.



By Sid

Bash Programming:
AWK Programming:


Don't threaten people, if you can't and won't ever follow it up.

It's a very stupid thing to do.

Very very stupid. Take it from me, I know stupid to its core.
Just plain irritates.



You remember that scene from the first Lord Of The Rings movie where they're crossing that huge mountain and it's snowing all over and it's all, "There lies a journey ahead of you."

Take that and spin it on its head like 459 times. Then turn it upside down and make it look like the dog in the Loreal Anti Wrinke Cream (that is red) ad.

Then ... ah forget it I'll just get to the point.

I just got all my dates in order:

3rd November: Comp Lab Practical.
9th November: OOMD Oral.
16th November: Project Oral.
15th to 20th November: PPT Presentation on Project.
18th November: ADBMS Oral.
7th December to 18th December: Theory papers.

None of the five subjects are easy riders, none.
All five are Kings of their domain.

I was planning to go out Wednesday night.
I was planning to watch El Mariachi on DVD with bhaiyya tomorrow.
I was planning to watch Miami Vice on DVD with Bangy.

"I'll take you to the truth,
For the truth shall set you free."
Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest.

"Got you by the balls."
ACDC - Got you by the balls.


Lamb Of God

By Sid

Everyone who likes metal should go listen to Lamb Of God Ashes Of The Wake.


Are you still reading this?


Pray to Lakshmi!!!

She is nice and wise! And is also a Goddess!

In other news, I finished Compilers today and started with DAA. Finished two assignments already, going out for an extended family dinner!! Will be meeting my cousins after ages!!

Happy Lakshipoojan ALL!


Happy Diwali.

By Sid

Happy Diwali peeepalsk.

Keep your city clean!



By Sid

So I tried the ICG assignment. Turns out I did most of it properly but couldn't do a small part of the rest, which is basically the if else blocks.

Now the cool part. The code generation assignment was just plain nuts man. I've been trying ot understand the algorithm since like forever and three days, I've finally figured it out. Now for implementation.

I don't care if this takes all night.

"This is the age of ruin."
Lamb Of God - Ruin


Done with code optimization finally. One more PCD assignment to go and I will be done with a good chunk of it.


"Never waver,
Never falter,
Remain Diehard,
You are as diehard as they come."

Hatebreed - As Diehard As They Come.



I had to tweak it a tad bit, it screwed up when I included relational ICG. But it's done all and perfect.

Anyhow, I'm not upto figuring how the code generation phase works right now.

Sometimes I contemplate, sometimes I kill.

For now, I'm going to bed. I completed the short term goal.

But I will be up in the morning, early, before Dad gets online, and I think I'll do the ICG assignment. I'm really not in the mood to go through a lot of theory, I'll do that when Dad's using the PC.

Two birds, one grenade launcher, damn I'm smart.

Let's just hope I wake up early, last time I woke up at 7am was ... erm let's not get into that.


Does anybody remember highlander, I used to love watching that stuff when I was a kid.

All the best, to the people who scrape their butts on a grill!

"Here we are, Born to be kings,
We're the princes of the universe,
Here we belong, Fighting to survive,
In a war with the darkest powers,
And here we are, We're the princes of the universe,
Here we belong, Fighting for survival,
We've come to be the rules of your world."
Queen - Princes Of The Universe.

This song used to play during the credits, used to come on at like 6am on AXN during my 8th and 9th standard. I used to ditch getting ready for morning school and watch it. Those sword fights ... everytime a guy died there would be an amzazing lightning extravaganza and the dead guy's life force/strength would go into the guy who won.

There always used to be this one guy who would hunt down all the other highlanders/immortals until he of course met our hero Ace McCloud. Every episode was kickass man.

Even the movies ruled.

PS: Take my advice, if listening to Lamb Of God make sure the volumes turned down if there are people around. Bloody relentless stuff.


The war:
29th October: ADBMS Oral.
3rd, 4th, 5th November: Computer Lab (PCD + OS + DAA)
13th November: OOMD Oral.
16th November: Project Oral.

Usual strategies:
1. Break it down and kill it one at a time.
2. Attack from the back.
3. Move early, move fast and move with a purpose.
4. See only the eye of the fish.

This time:
1. No prof. is to be taken lightly, there will be no stops this time, one of them doesn't like me very much; victim of circumstance is all I will say.
2. Not one subject is to be taken lightly. Need to study and study everything thoroughly. Need to make notes so I don't forget on the last day.
3. There is no balance either. I know very less in OOMD and ADBMS and a lot in the Computer Lab subjects.

To sum it up:
There is no honour in death or failure. There is no warriors fate at the end of the road, only victory.

"Your numbers up,
The bullets got your name.
You still go on,
To Hell and back again.

Valhalla waits,
Valkyries rise and fall.
The warrior tombs lie open for us all,
A ghostly hand reaches through the veil,
Blood and sand, we will prevail.

Sliding we go,
Only fear on our side."
Iron Maiden - The Longest Day.


My my my it's a beautiful world.

I wish I could shake off this cold :) Some viral infection has declared war on my ragged body ... but I'm fighting it. Never give in.

Will start studying soon, need to kill some profs at their own game.

I heard about Prison Break today, will try and get my hands on some episodes.

Submissions, BE Semester 1, DONE!!


OOMD: DONE. After much trouble I might add. Stupid irritating chirkut man she is, she even tore a page while correcting it with her dirty cheap pen, my jaw locked man. One more insinuating remark and I would have choked her. But it's done, I won she lost.

OS: Done, without a hitch.

PCD: Done, without a hitch.

DAA: Done, without a hitch.

ADBMS: All checked, few theory assignments left. Oral on Monday ... but everything's corrected.

I kepe hearing that guy from Monster House going "DONE!" (stamp)

"This song,
is called Surfacing."
Slipknot - Surfacing (Live)


Progress Part 2

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Project Report: Submitted two copies.

DAA: Oral was excellent. Three Profs Vs Me. they tried oh so hard. Slight problem, I know my DAA. Or at least 5 out of 7 assignments.

PCD: She screwed me on the LR parsers since I hadn't studied it. But I answered everything else properly. I should get good marks :) (Why she made us wait around like idiots for three hours gets by me, but I got to study so I'm happy.)

OS: Eh, she asked me two questions, I forgot the answer to the first. Answered the second one perfectly, then remembered the answer to the first and blabbed it out randomly. She threw me out for not having an index page and for bringing my assignments for a (non-final) submission in a plastic folder. Anyone care to scream the word redundancy repeatedly in her face :)

I took revenge.

I ran, got my index done. Ran back to her, fought with her to cancel the "No Index" remark.

Did good.

13th October: Full OOMD signing, Full ADBMS signing. (A lot of ADBMS left, none of OOMD though.)

14th October: Full PCD Submissions. (Only ICG left)

Plan for today:
1] Try to write ICG.
2] Have a nice bath, watch some TV.
3] Write ADBMS assignments.
4] Write last two PCD assignments.

"Believe what you want,
Say what you will,
I spit venom in the eyes of your world.
Spitting venom in the eyes of my enemies."


I will kill you at your own game.

5 out of 7 assigments done for the oral and I can't seem to understand the other two, since I haven't implemented them before. Grr.

Project report done with.

ADBMS assignments written.

Like I said, I will kill you at your own game.

Tomorrow is going to be some day. I have to finish Operating Systems and Principles Of Compiler Design. I have to write the ICG assignment with the changes. Also, I have to write more ADBMS assignments.

"Get This ... Or Die."
Slipknot - Get This.



By Sid

11th October:
DAA Oral.
Project Report submission.

12th October:
PCD Oral.
OS Oral.

13th October:
ADBMS Oral and index signing.
OOMD Index signing (oral?).

And between all this I have to write my ADBMS assignments, luckily I have all the code done.

The worst is the 12th.

Will post progress, because I like to.

"Against the grain,
Against the odds,
I will rise.
And I won't trip again."
In Flames - Dawn Of A New Day.


Everything should stop getting to me, NOW!

Yeah man.

No more Zombie Autopilot.

I defy.


How to become a Pyromaniac

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When all else fails, use fire.


Die Hard

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Die Hard.

Give Blood.

Die Hard.

Blood Saves.

Die Hard.

Venom Lyrics.



By Sid

The ear is perfect. :) Next appointment in six months.

In the meantime, enough of the project report and more about the project itself :D Awesome stuff!

Other than that, the next two months are going to be hard, but then again I live for that stuff heheh. A complete sweetheart and a whole lot of music to keep my brain company.

All the best pepalsk!


This is the year where hope fails you
The test subjects run the experiments
And the bastards you know, is the hero you hate
But cohesing is posssible if we strive
Theres no reason, theres no lesson
No time like the present, telling you right now
What have you got to lose, what have you got to lose
Except your soul...just listen


I hate this BS. I'd really rather do some real work, and I hate feeling helpless. But I will have my sweet vengeance, all of it, piece by piece, do you understand?


Say it again,
Say it again,
We won't die.



By Sid


Good night.

Listening to Strapping Young Lad - Zen.

Dude, those were three kickass years. Awesome stuff.

Sorry I put you through so much crap! :D


The current problem I'm working on is how to make the lexical analyzer generated by FLEX analyze the contents of a string and not a file or console input.

Normally what you do is if you want FLEX to analuze the contents of the console input you assign the varibale yyin to stdin or for a file a file pointer.

yyin = stdin;
yyin = fopen("filename","attribute r/w/r+/w+/a");

Now, according to this manual, you can use the function yy_scan_string(char *) to scan the contents of a string. Actually, a copy of the contents of a string would be more accurate since the string contents are put in a buffer, which is modified, so this function's default implementation is to copy the contents.

URL: FLEX Manual describging yy_scan_string

We use yy_scan_string(char *statement)

NOTE: The input string that you pass has to be a NULL terminated string.

char *input = "This is my input string.\0"

So the usage is as follows:

/*Copy string into new buffer and Switch buffers*/
yy_scan_string (input);

/*Analyze the string*/

/*Delete the new buffer*/


Old School Rules.

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Blood and sand, we will prevail.

Those are the rules, if you belong to old school.


EDIT: 02/04/2007 Gnokii 0.6.14 comes with a dku-2 driver built into it, all you need to do is edit your /etc/gnokiirc to reflect a serial connection and AT driver and the model being 6230i for the dku-2 6230i configuration, it's now a snap!

To download 0.6.14 you'll have to enable your sources manually. I'll up up those details soon.

So this is how the cookie crumbles:

Issue 1] Don't use Synaptic to install gnokii.
a] It spits out random errors as to how it can't find libgnokii which it installs itself?
b] You need the source to install a patch for the DKU-2 cable.

Solution 1] Download the gnokii source. Unzip to /usr/local/src/
2] Use synaptic to install gnokii, so it takes care of all the dependencies.
3] After unzipping gnokii to /usr/local/src/ run ./configure, make and make install to install over it thereby ensuring you have a good working gnokii with dependencies taken care of!

Issue 2] Patch time!!!

Solution 2] You need two things here, took me a while to do this, and by while I mean three days.
a] First run uname -r in your terminal and get your kernel version.
b] Next use Synaptic to download linux-headers-'uname -r' and linux-source-2.6.15
c] Next go to /usr/src/ You will see the linux-headers-'uname -r' directory and a linux-source-2.6.15.tar.gz file.
d] Unzip the source code by using sudo tar -xvvvf linux-source-2.6.15 remember you should be inside /usr/src/ when doing this.
e] Now since we're going to be super cool and not recompile the whole kernel, we recompile only the headers, but the headers need to know where all the drivers are. There's an in built fix to do this, all you have to do is create a symbolic link to the source code. Inside the /usr/src/ directory create a symbolic link as sudo ln -s /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.15 linux
f] Now we're done downloading the source and setting it up. It's round about a 50+20MB download so be sure to have a book handy.
g] Now go into your /lib/modules/{your_kernel_version}/ directory and create another symbolic link to the source. sudo ln -s /usr/src/linux build
h] Now go to the gnokii source /usr/local/src/gnokii-{version_number}/patches/kernel_2.6/
i] Run sudo ./configure
j] Run sudo make
k] Run sudo make install
l] Now plug in your phone and Run sudo modprobe nokia_dku2 and walla
m] Run lsusb to make sure your phone's detected
n] Rub dmesg to see your kernel output and will be handy as we will see.

Issue 3] Configuring gnokki.

Solution 3] We congiure gnokii in the serial connection mode with the AT driver not the dku2 connection mode with USB.
a] Run a ls /dev/ttyU* if it returns /dev/ttyUSBO0 we're in business else you did something wrong boyo.
b] Now the last step you ran a dmesg and you'll see some:

[16316.021331] Nokia DKU2: probe of 1-1:1.3 failed with error -1
[16316.021473] Nokia DKU2: probe of 1-1:1.4 failed with error -1

Toggle this code!

c] Nokia 6230 has some locha with opening an FBUS port on ttUSB1 which DKU-2 essentially is suppoed to do. If it works then your awesome, if it doesn't you still have a way out.
d] Run a sudo vi /etc/gnokiirc and make sure your file looks like this:

# This is a sample ~/.gnokiirc file. Copy it into your
# home directory and name it .gnokiirc.
# See for working examples.


# Set port to the physical port used to connect to your phone.
# Linux version is:
port = /dev/ttyUSB0
# For MacOSX you will need something like:
# port = /dev/cu.USA28X1P1.1
# For Win32 you want to use:
# port = com1:
# or similiar.
# FreeBSD (probably NetBSD and OpenBSD too) use:
# port = /dev/cuaa0
# With Linux-IrDA you will want to use
# port = /dev/ircomm0
# or similiar.
# Use this setting also for the Bluetooth connection:
# port = aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
# when using it with AT driver set it to:
# port = /dev/rfcomm0
# or similiar.
# For the Linux USB cables you will need one of the following settings (or
# similiar)
# port = /dev/ttyUSB0
# port = /dev/tts/USB0
port = /dev/ttyACM0
# the last one will work only with AT driver. The correct setting should be
# given in the dmesg output.

# Set model to the model number of your phone. For the
# Symbian phones use:
# model = series60
# For other non-Nokia phones and when you want to use AT
# mode use:
# model = AT
# If you can't figure out what to put here read the FAQ.
# If it still doesn't help, consult gnokii-ml or #gnokii at freenode.
model = AT
# There are few main models that should make use of the certain drivers.
# These are: 6110, 7110, 6510, 3110, 2110, 6160.

# Set IrDA device name.
# If you use irda connection you may want gnokii to autodetect the irda
# device it connects to. This is fine for most of the cases. if you have
# more than one device in range you may want to give manually the device
# name so gnokii correctly recognizes it. Use the name that you can see
# in the discovery log when the phone with infrared is in the range of
# your irda port.
# Note that you need to set this for each phone_ section separately. It
# isn't nested from the global section.
# irda_string = Nokia 6610i# Initlength controls the number of characters sent to the
# phone during initialisation. You can either set it to
# the word "default" or a positive integer.
# You can try setting this value if you want to connect
# to the phone quicker. If you've never noticed the
# connection to be slow, it is suggested that you
# leave this alone. Read the initialisation code in fbus-xxxx
# to understand what this changes if you're curious.
initlength = default

# The type of the connection, for IR set this to infrared or irda.
# For the nk6110 driver only infrared is valid for the IrDA connection.
# See Docs/gnokii-ir-howto for more detailes on this.
# If you have 6210/6250/7110 phone and dau9p cable (the one you can
# use with 6100 series and cannot use hardware modem from the phone)
# you may want to use 'dau9p' value to get faster initialization.
# If you use dlr3 or dlr3p cable for nokia phones in FBUS mode (ie.
# you don't use model = AT) you may want to use 'dlr3p' value here.
# Note that it is recommended and currently the best way to use this
# cable with nk6510 driver.
connection = serial
# With DKU-2 cable use the following setting
# connection = dku2
# With DKU-5 cable use the following setting
# connection = dlr3p
# For Bluetooth and AT driver use the following setting
# connection = serial
# For other Bluetooth settings use
# connection = bluetooth
# For infraded connection with phones other then Nokia 6110/6130/6150 use
# connection = irda

# Set this to 'yes' if you want gnokii to set and check the lock file in
# /var/lock directory. It avoids potential conflicts with other serial
# port software (eg. minicom). If you have wrong permissions for the
# directory, a warning will be generated. If you don't want a lockfile, set
# it to 'no'.
use_locking = yes

# Baudrate to use on serial port connections.
# Currently used only by models AT and BIP/CIMD. Defaults to 19200.
serial_baudrate = 19200

# Force waiting after each send character the specified usec time.
# Value -1 forces the fastest 'block' writing,
# value 0 writes each character separately without any explicite waiting,
# other positive values specify the appropriate 1/1000000 sec delaying.
# Siemens M20 requires at least "1"! FIXME: Model-driven autodetection
#serial_write_usleep = 10000

# Force serial port handshaking mode, useful primarily for "AT" model.
# Gnokii "AT" model uses software handshake by default.
# Possible values: hardware (RTS/CTS - 7 wires) or software (XON/XOFF - 3 wires)
#handshake = software

# If defined (not commented out by '#') it will quit Gnokii anytime
# when DCD line will drop.
#require_dcd = 1

# If you are using a bluetooth connection, you can specify the rfcomm
# channel number here. Default value is 1.
#rfcomm_channel = 1

# There may happen various timeouts during the communication with the phone.
# This parameter enables the retransmission policy. Ie. if the phone doesn't
# respond, we send the frame again. This happend mainly with the older
# phones. You may want to enable it when you see mysterious timeouts.
# Be very carefull with this option. It is suspected to cause phone breakage
# with new DCT4 phones (like Nokia 6100). By default it is switched off
# (sm_retry = 0)
#sm_retry = 1

# Run the specified script(s) right after opening and initializing the device
# and before any communucation (right before closing for disconnect_script).
# You may find handy to use it to connect your modem to SMS Center
# when using BIP or CIMD protocols
# Non-absolute path is relative to the specific directory where gnokii is run!
#connect_script = /absolute/path/to/gnokii/Docs/sample/cimd-connect
#disconnect_script =

# When sending SMS you can experience timeouts. This is the feature of the
# overloaded SMSCs. The phones waits for the response from the SMSC confirming
# that it received the short message. When the SMSC is DoSed with many requests
# it will take more time to get the response. Adjust it to your needs. The
# value is given in seconds to wait. Defaults to 10 seconds. Set to 0 to wait
# forever.
smsc_timeout = 10

# Set bindir to point to the location of the various gnokiid binaries.
# In particular ensure that mgnokiidev is in this location, with
# permissions 4750, owned by root, group gnokii. Ensure you
# are in the gnokii group and that the group exists...
bindir = /usr/sbin/

# Any entries in the following two sections will be set as environment
# variables when running the scripts.
# Handy for use for $VAR substitutions in your chat(8) script.
TELEPHONE = 12345678

# The following parameters control how libgnokii handle the debugging messages.
# Currently there are three categories: "debug" controls the libgnokii
# normal debug output, "rlpdebug" controls the debug output of the RLP
# subsystem, and "xdebug" is used by the xgnokii or smsd.

# where to log the debug output (on: stderr, off: /dev/null)
debug = on

# where to log the rlp debug output (on: stderr, off: /dev/null)
rlpdebug = off

# where to log X debug output (on: stderr, off: /dev/null)
xdebug = off

Toggle this code!

Whammy! Your done!

Run sudo gnokii --identify to identify your phone or xgnokii if you think your cool enough for a slick GUI.

Run a man gnokii to see all the commands and their usage.


V for Victory

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Today, at 00:12 am the SMS gateway for Adwallah was succesfuly ermmm I took one step in the right direction would be appropriate.

Took me since the 13th to figure it out.

And I will share.

I just want one thing, and you know what it is.



By Sid

For the past four days, these have been of great pain to me

make install

You wouldn't believe the insanity of it all if I told you.

1] Your shell thinks it's so cool it doesn't need a gcc ... g++ is awesome that way!
But when you run ./configure and it checks out your environment, you know g++ is better than gcc, hell g++ knows it's better than gcc, EVEN gcc knows g++ is better, but NO! gnokii doesn't!


ln -s g++ gcc

That's a whole day for you.

2] The make part. Now a lot of guides out there tell you, if your shell doesn't have a make, link one.

cd /bin/
ln -s amakefileyoudownload mymake.exe


All propgrams necessarily assume your make file is called "make" so when you run ./configure and it examines your environment it doesn't find a make file.

That's three days for you.

3] Some command lib: not found in libtool. Still have to figure out what that is all about.

Anyways, I'm pissed off with trying to build gnokii on Windows, so I'm going back to connecting my Nokia phone on Xubuntu. My project partner, my partner in trouble is sticking it out with me. Today is ummm. ugh! god knows day no #what ... we're going at it straight. Either this works, or one of us is going to die. I love listening to Iron Maiden, stuff works out whenever I listen to them.

For the greater good of God!

Now, if I can only find his phone to experminent with :D



Sony Ericsson T230 connected to Rohit's windows box and actes as a GSM modem.

Now we're trying the Nokia phone.

If it works ... for the Greater Good of God!!

Someone will live .. or die =)


I just realized there's a lot of stuff going on inside my head.

And it needs to come out.

I'm not exactly in the best state of mind.

Nothing works ... hence the super cool posts about Ubuntu.

Hell, nothing even works with Cygwin. It's actually even more awesome.

The worst part is, my fire is gone :( I need to feel it burn man, I need to feel an urge to get up and solve this situation. The urge is there for a solution, trust me, it is, but it's stretching me, I guess I'm just taking this too personally or something, but how can I not?


Enough is not enough. I so can do this man.
In a few words,

"Death to all the empires,
death to lifelong wars,
death to all the bitter sons of the anti christ,
death to the world!"
Kreator - World Anarchy

As long as there is metal, there is always fire, and as long as there is fire, there is always hope.

As long as there is hope, I will jack you up and kill you bulldozer style!


In my opinion anyone who uses Windows is retarded :D

You know why?


1] Windows: Gets the error, deals with it and dies. Human involvement, NIL!
Xubuntu: You get the error, try and search for a solution, get like a billion solutions, feel damn happy and shit, none work, you suffer like a dog, and die.

2] Windows: Plays WMA files.
Xubuntu: Encounters WMA files and kills the media player, SERIOUSLY IT KILLS IT!

PS: I don't have WMA drivers :D

3] Windows: You install MySQL ... VOILA! It installs!
Xubuntu: You get a message saying removing kernel instance, and then whoosh you restart!!! You don't have an OS anymore!!

4] Windows: Nokia makes drivers only for windows.
Xubuntu: Apparently this guy on this forum says if you assign it a particular driver the phone detects perfectly!!!! But, you can't make it do SQUAT!! :D

5] Windows: Non human logo. Windows is not for humans, it's for retarded people. I'm serious dude, you MUST be crippled to like Windows so much!
Xubuntu: There's five, six really serene looking people. The truth behind the picture is that, those people have given up on Linux after using Xubuntu, and now only believe in pot. And holding hands :D:D:D

6] Windows: Costs Money.
Xubuntu: You might become a pothead who likes to hold hands. And it costs money. :D:D:D Cuz you have to buy stuff to make your life nice again.

7] Windows: All messengers are nice and everything.
Xubuntu: GAIM is horrible and makes me feel deprived like I get only bread and water for food. I can't put a photo nothing, it feels like I'm in a concentration camp.

8] Windows: When you download two things, both suck ass!
Xubuntu: When you download two things, the network physically dies! One download is chosen survivor style, and gets the most sexy life while the other lives in ignomity with as much bandwidth as poor people have money!

9] Windows: Skype works.
Xubuntu: Skype works, but there's no VOICE!!

PS: Because my Quickcam which has the mic, has no drivers for Linux.

10] Windows: Bill Gates loots you.
Xubuntu: There are one billion people who lie to you, laugh at your suffering when post a problem, and you basically die.

The only one good thing about Xubuntu, is Synaptic. If Synaptology was a religion I would be a Synaptologist ... and yes that is a crack at you know who ;)

Yay! I've been wanting to get that off my chest!

PS: This is a parody, I actually love using Xubuntu :D And yes I am a Synaptologist, me and Rohit started the religion!


My code is so cool because I tweaked the blogger CSS. You can too!!

Just add this code to your template within the <style> tags.

div .code {
padding: 2em;
margin: 2em 2em 2em 2em;
border: 2px solid black;
background: gray;
color: white;

And whatever code you want to add to your posts, put it in these tags

<div class = "code">
Your super cool looking code.


So, I've been wanting to do this for a while now.

Sticky Footers: The effect via which the footer on your page stays at a certain offset from the top, preferably near the bottom of your page if there is less content, ie it does not come up onto your content, and if the content overflows the screen then the footer follows it.

How I did it is pretty simple. I started out with a page which has a header, followed by a content div, followed by my footer.

First, I assign the page to be one full screen.

html, body {height: 100%;}

When you specify height in percentage, it is taken as x percent of the containing element. In this case the viewport or screen is the containing element of the html tag, and the html tag is the containing element of the body tag. So in essence the body is assigned the height of one screen.

#content {min-height: 70%;}

You next assign your div with id content to a minimum height of 70% of the containing element, ie the body. So at a minimum even if there's no content to fill it up it takes up 70% of your screen and your footer's 70% from the top.

If the content overflows one screen the height is automatically adjusted.

NOTE: IE doesn't understand the concept of minumum height so for IE be sure to include this in your CSS.

*html #content {height: 70%;}

NOTE: Your browser should be interpreting code in strict mode. To ensure this, add this tag to your HTML page.


Courtesy: Article on CSS Height.


Lyrics Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg

You wonder how they can still make music like that in the face of the contemporary metal scene (Refer Nu Metal bands, Death Metal bands, Goth Metal bands). Then you read the artist name.

It's Iron Maiden. And they're back to kick your arse old school style!!


When you call the new() function for example @variable = all the coloumn name of Object are assigned to the variable except the id. The new() function apparently generates a new id for @variable.

I was having trouble with this, in a scenario when you pass a parameter to the new() function as:

@variable =['object_name'])

This is mostly used in the case of a form submission, all the information from the post stream is copied into @variable from the params variable. All the attributes are copied except the id attribute. Hence you'd have to explicitly assign the id.

Resulting code:

@variable =['object_name']) = params['object_name']['id']

EDIT: @params has been depracated to params, I've made the changes.




By Sid

For my 100th post. I have my motto.

"Somtimes in life I contemplate ... sometimes I kill." (-->credit to Rohit)

The soundtrack to that motto is the start of this song. Dimmu Borgir - Unorthodox Manifesto. Right when he goes, "Gentlemen .... destroy"

Evil stuff. Long live the manowar fan!


Here's a simple beginner's tute on How To Use Torrents. Written by yours truly :)



By Sid

"When reality's a dream
And every lie is true
In the day when you are me ...
In the night when I am ... you."

"Those damned infernal gates.
The Seven Gates Of Hell!!"



By Sid


1] Machine Head 5 Albums.
2] Iron Maiden new album.
4] Venom - Seven Gates Of Hell.
5] A tonne of RATM (6 Albums)

Good thing I don't listen to music for more than an hour a day huh?
Not even with the volume.
Not even on my player.

Im in a damn good mood right now. Totally not being sarcastic!! Seriously :D

"Long live, Long live, Long live the King of Mercy"


Why, I Want

By Sid

Why the post ... here.

Because I want.


Yeah, I kinda need now.


I want

By Sid

1] New motherboard and processor, with new RAM and a new cabinet too.
2] Four books for college.
3] Two fiction. Actually both non-fiction but not syllabus books.
4] A ****** ** LHR.
5] A miracle for number 4]
6] My ear to be normal again.
7] To sing.


By default a fresh install of Xubuntu also lacks the ./configure script.

How to use it is very intuitively give here Installing software in Xubuntu using the terminal

You can get the ./configure script by installing the build-essential package from the Synaptic Package Manager.

Off to try on the script now.



PHP5 on Xubuntu installed via Synaptic Package Manager does not come with inbuilt MySQL support. Makes zilcho sense, but it does not. You have to specifically select the PHPMySQL package and install it, it's easy but will save you half an hour of brain racking.

One way to check if your PHP install supoorts MySQL is accessing this function in a PHP file.

Will dump out everything related to your PHP install. There you can do a CTRL-F (Mozilla/IE) for MySQL.



By Sid

Shell: he hard usually fibrous outer layer of some fruits especially nuts.

I feel like a shell right now.

The point is ... if you know what's wrong with you ... you improve, change and move on.

It's not that hard, you should try it sometime Siddharth.

I don't feel like a shell.

PS: Just realized post makes me look narcissistic/suicidial/insane/mad shell like person. Should clarify post is regarding my career path/project work and not anything else.



By Sid

I Be Buddy Jesus Hello Boy.

I am emo.


Lemon Tree

By Sid

Fools Garden - Lemon Tree

I love this song.

I love this song for various reasons, one of which just happened.

I love this song.

Thank you fool's garden. Thank you.

I was and am right when I say "Small people have an insane fire inside them" Small people are half insane. Not the kind that snaps and kills you, the kind that will attempt a job interview even when they feel like they're dying.

Small people rule all.


Seriously, I got my Synaptic back up and running. Oh, I forgot to mention I crashed it ;-) Anywho I got it back up and running, I restored the sources.lst file via the sources_backup.lst; did the trick.

And I added the Dapper Repositories to Synpatic's sources.

Here's how to add Dapper's repositories to Synaptic's sources.

Installing Apache and PHP5 was just a click of a button. I'm serious I had more trouble while installing on windows.

Sigh. it's late. And I'm in no mood to give up. Next in line, open source SMS gateway PlaySMS


So the way I figure it, if you want to mount your windows partition on Xubuntu, which is the flavour of Ubuntu I use, you got to edit the fstab fil in /etc

So since your editing a kickass system file what you should do is back it up.

sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab_backup
sudo vi /etc/fstab

Make the directory where you want your drive mounted, I chose /mnt/windows

sudo mkdir /mnt/windows

The syntax for the fstab files is:

file system mount point type options dump pass

So you append the following lines to your file:

file system mount point type options dump pass
/dev/hda1 /mnt/windows ntfs'+' noatime,defaults,users,ro,umask=0 0 0

NOTE: My code div isn't handling the width overflow properly. There's a couple of tabs after ntfs, and the '+' indicates the same line, not a new line.

hda1 is mostly your C drive. If your drive is FAT32 you change the ntfs to vfat.

if you don't feel like mounting it at boot time then just make the directory and run this at a terminal

sudo mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows ntfs'+' noatime,defaults,users,ro,umask=0 0 0

NOTE: My code div isn't handling the width overflow properly. There's a couple of spaces after ntfs, and the '+' indicates the same line, not a new line.

and to unmount

sudo umount /mnt/windows

Hope it helps.


I wrote this

By Sid

You Wake Up.

It's an afterthought to the movie Memento.

I want to disable commenting because I'm scared of the feedback, because I know this is horrid. But, then why put it up right.

Damn, I'm smart.


Ubuntu Starter Guide.

"He asked us:
"(snort) BE you angels?"
And we said,
We are but men."
Rock On!"
Tenacious D - Tribute


Crossed Over

By Sid

I'm now in Ubuntu Land.


Im using GAIM to log into my messengers. I like, I like. If anyone want's help.

1] MSN:
Setting up MSN was pretty straightforward. Plug in your username, password select the protocol and wham, bam, thank you maam.

2] GoogleTalk:
Google Help With Setting up GoogleTalk on GAIM. Really nice with pictures and all.

Other than that, trying to install USB device driver for camera. So did not work out, gave me some random ass compile error.

So one point of note is that a fresh install of Ubuntu does not come with "Make" installed! It's scary man when you type "make all" and it goes bash: Make: Command not found! Your like, "But what I did?"

To solve that problem use the Synaptic Package Manager. Very animal like name, but it works sweetly :)

More Later.


Check this out Slayer - Jihad.

It's from Slayer's new album Chirst Illusion.

Kickass Song!

If you want a preview log onto


1. Your real name: Siddharth Dawara

2. What friends call you: Sid, Dabba, Jabba, *random assorted gaalis*

3 What your boyfriend/girlfriend calls you: Baby.

4 What's a name you once wished you'd rather have?: Ahh!! This na. For once I wish someone would use my full name Siddharth! Actually, it doesn't make much of a difference to me, but still it's a wish :)

5.What is/are the ugliest name(s) you can think of?: Ummm any guy with a girls name man... that stuff is just unfair.

What would you name these if you had them as pets?
a. turtle: Michealangelo ... he was teh coolah!
b. goose: :( Gooosey Goosey Gander is the only thing I can think of man.
c. pirate: Pirate..guy man :D
d. a hot boy: ???? Dude I think this is a quiz for girls only :(

7. What would you name your kids?: Eyyy! I don't know man :( I like the name Natasha and Tina a lot though, I have lovely sister's with those names :D

Have you ever...
8. Thrown up in public?: Eh. Does three people count?

9. Eaten or drank anything spoiled?: Muwhahahaha

10. Tripped while checking someone out?: LOL!! That would be embarassing! Naw though I've had people noticing me checking them out. *Does super cool nod* Ssup?

11. Had to pay for something you broke?: NO! It wasn't me!

12. Caught people having sex?: -Pass-

Complete The Sentence

13. I once had a dream: in which I was a soccer star!!! I keep having this dream!!!

14. I'm only racist towards: other racist bastards :D

15. I don't even know why: sometimes I forget to have a bath :(

16. I'd give anything to have sex with: ehhh. Im not supposed to exert myself with any physical excercise ... doctors orders. Bastard doctor. But still, if I could, it would be in the following order:
1] Jessica Alba - Hotness personified.
2] Kate Hudson - She just rules.
3] Drew Barrymore - Do you know anyone whose more fun?
4] Famke Janssen - She's an underwear model ... underwear model.

17. Nothing sucks more than: eating khaana alone :(

18. You can't eat steak without: Umm I haven't had steak so I dunno this one :P

19. I really like you and everything but: There's this other girl ;)

What would you do if...

20. A dirty old guy at the airport slaps your ass?: Eyyy! Ummm, Id be like, "Eyyy Kaanye kya hai re?!"

21. Somebody was about to steal your car?: Pull out that gun man!!

22. You wake up with a billion spiders crawling all over you and your bed?: MADAR!!! Seriously!! I'd scream bloody murder ... and then ... just die man. Just plain die.

23. The person you just kissed tells you they have oral herpes?: Not kiss them again!!! Hahahahaha, that was hilarious!

25. The government allowed you to choose one thing to be legalized?: Gay Marriage ... seriously let those people be man.

26. Britney Spears was at your front door asking for jumper cables?: Shoot her. Not for the music she makes, but for letting her promoters shove it in my face for all those damned years!!

27. You had a time machine?: Go and undo some things I wish I hadn't done :)

28. FOX gave you a half hour show to do whatever you wanted?: Id make a movie about a day in my life, damn entertaining stuff man :D

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the following words?

29. Courage: Bhaiya

30. Driver: Fasttttt!

31. Yoga: Dad!

32. Shoe: Socks.

33. Roach: Cock?

34. Mushroom: POISON!

35. Fun: MOVIE!

36. Cell phone: Talking :)

37. Pythagorean: That 90 degress BS.

38. Chalk: White.


39. Three words about a person you are currently interested in: amazing, sweet, mad, innocent, yedi, passionate, funny, smart, really smart, really really funny, really really really sweet, really really really mad ... haa theek hai three words. I'm all about breaking the rules man :)

40. Who or what is your worst enemy?: Laziness.

41. What's one romantic thing somebody's done for you? Listened :)


Okay, I dunno if it was only for girls or whatever, but it was fun man!

Now back to work :D



Okay, here's something nice and wise. Why would you go trhough the nitty gritties of setting up an SVN command line client when you can use a GUI?


I don't knowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Why doesn't Amazon support PayPal?

I don't knowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


In other news, I found Dimmu Borgir - Sorgens Kammer Del 2 on Ares thanks to my lovely sister, Tina. (refer to anon comment to Angry Mohan)

I love this song. Rob Zombie - Reload



I applied for free rails hosting at FreeOnRails.

The students of MIT are officially on strike again!! yay!

Also, I got a free domain off

I redirected it to the blog for now :)


Raksha Bandhan (the bond of protection in Hindi) or Rakhi (राखी in Devanāgarī) is a Hindu festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shraavana and in 2006 it falls on August 9.

The festival is marked by the tying of a rakhi, or holy thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. The brother in return offers a gift to his sister and vows to look after her. The brother and sister traditionally feed each other sweets.

It is not necessary that the rakhi can be given only to a brother by birth; any male can be "adopted" as a brother by tying a rakhi on the person, whether they are cousins or a good friend. Indian history is replete with women asking for protection, through rakhi, from men who were neither their brothers, nor Hindus themselves. Rani Karnavati of Chittor sent a rakhi to the Mughal Emperor Humayun when she was threatened by Bahadur Shah of Mewar. Humayun abandoned an ongoing military campaign to ride to her rescue.

The rakhi may also be tied on other special occasions to show solidarity and kinship (not necessarily only among brothers and sisters), as was done during the Indian independence movement.

The origin of the festival is mostly attributed to one of following mythological incidents:

1. Indra's fight with Vritra - Indra, the king of devtas (gods), had lost his kingdom to the asura (demon) Vritra. At the behest of his Guru Brihaspati, Indra's wife Sachi tied a thread around her husband's wrist to ensure his victory in the upcoming duel.

2. Draupadi and Krishna during the Rajsuya yagya - After Shishupal's death, Krishna was left with a bleeding finger. Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, had torn a strip of silk off her sari and tied it around Krishna's wrist to staunch the flow of blood. Touched by her concern, Krishna had declared himself bound to her by her love. He further promised to repay the debt manifold, and spent the next 25 years of his life doing just that. For all that Draupadi was the daughter of a powerful monarch, sister to a legendary warrior, and wife to five warrior princes, Krishna remained the only man she could ever truly depend on.

I constantly steal from wikipedia. As should you, it's what Web 2.0 is all about :)


I reccomend.

By Sid

I reccomend using FileZilla for whatever FTP needs you have. It's a good Windows client, clean interface, lots of features.

I like it!


I love it when people blog about me :)

And it counts wayy more if they are smart, cool, kickass people. Like the people over at BookEazy.

I told you I should be on the MAX X List of wayy cool animals.

btw, I got the stitches off yesterday. Dude, there is nothing more painful than having eight stitches removed from behind your ear.

More work. Plus, I should finally make some progress with the project tomorrow, I was reading through this ebook on Rails when the whole concept of sessions in Rails hit me. Like lightning, it did :)


The Story Of Jonathan.
Haunting, haunting prologue, but a heart rending story nonetheless.



By Sid

Results came out today.

I scored a 67% in my second semester of my Third Year of Computer Engineering, which brings my total in the Third year to 67.4% which is a distinction.

Yeah Baby!!!!

"My spirit you cannot break...
And we wont lose."
Machine Head - Imperium


I've been going slowly with the Rails project this past few days because of my approach.

Everytime I hit a problem, I researched it for irritatingly long periods of time, ended up finding it was a small syntax thing, or there's a better solution. At the end of the day I learnt very little.

I've had enough of that :)

I'm changing the approach. Going to read through this entire E-Book before writing one more line of code.

Agile Web Development with Rails


I am an Aquarius.
(Also known as "Water Bearer")

" A hopeless and helpless dreamer, forever out of touch with reality, an Aquarius is ever lost in his own fantasy world.

He never returns money he borrows, for immediately upon borrowing it, he spends it and forgets about the debt. An Aquarius constantly breaks his promises, and hates nothing more than working.

People born under this sign love badmouthing and making fun of those that are close to them, but always behind their back.

An Aquarius is drawn to greasy junk food and cheap action novels, both of which he buys in untold quantities.

His vacation is usually spent holed up in some god-forsaken bar, since he has spent all his getaway money on one of his uncounted projects destined to make the world a better place for humanity.

Find yours


My Solution.

By Sid


I should be on the Max X List of wayyy cool animals.

Because I'm wayyy cool :)


Im Okay.

By Sid

Im okay.

Bandaged up nice and tight. Not supposed to do anything for a while. Im at home, bored.


Wish me well.


Ear Operation

By Sid

Tomorrow, that is under 16 hours I go in for my ear operation.

It really isn't a big deal, I have a small perforation in my right ear drum, they're going to graft some skin onto it and patch it up. It'll be bandaged for 5 days, hehe.

I think I'll just stay at home and work. I've been making some serious progress with Ruby on Rails.

"Run Motherfuckers."
Children Of Bodom - Lil Blood Red Ridin' Hood.



By Sid

Here's a nice validation script written in JavaScript I just integrated into my Ruby on Rails project, for a user sign-in module.

The validation offered by Ruby on Rails, is user when saving data into the tables. In the model .rb files.

To everyone who works hard, to everyone who works themselves to the bone. Take Care.


Cool Effect.

By Sid

That cool shade effect which you get when you hover a link in my blog; just takes this much code in your style speification:

a:hover {color: #fff;background-color:#000;}



This Day

By Sid

I have realized that fear clouds my judgement, beyond anything.

I am too scared to fail.

Can you blame me? Can you? Can you? No.
But, I can :)

Today is a busy day, I downloaded and started working with RadRails. RadRails is basically an IDE for development using RubyOnRails, which I am using for my project. Im calling it Adwallah :) Spelt with an "h".

I got my XRay done, will pick it up soon. About XRay's; getting an XRay is not as fun as it sounds. They make you lie down, and trust me when I say "whirrr" is a very disturbing sound. Hmmmm, anyways it had to be done.

Anish's party is on Thursday night. Anish, one of my friends is a really smart guy. A little backstory.

Ever since he set foot in an academic life he knew he wanted to do something different, so was in his blood. So he chose the Petroleum Engineering stream at MIT, Pune. Mind you, he did what all of us do. He passed out of 10th standard under an SSC certificate. He studied his 11th and 12th under the science stream of an HSC college. He fared well throughout his engineering never below a frist class, no backlogs, clean slate. But when he got placed. He got placed with Reliance with a package that just keeps going up and up, a job in an air conditioned office in Bombay. "See you have to be analytical, your analytical skills should be honed and you should be able to tolerate lots of data." He chose Reservoirs, over Drilling. Petroleum jobs are basically classified as Drilling or Reservoir jobs. Drilling is the more physical of the two, involving a hard life on the rig. But money galore, money galore. So not only is he doing what he likes, he's getting paid shitloads to do it, and he's doing it in a city where the standard of living is high.

My point was, he stuck to his vision.
He had belief.
He had commitment.
He had balance. (He is a FUN guy)

Vision, Commitment, Belief, Balance. Go figure.

"We'll fight untill we win.
Or we'll fight,
Until we die."
Manowar - Fight Until We Die.


""Always produce" is also a heuristic for finding the work you love. If you subject yourself to that constraint, it will automatically push you away from things you think you're supposed to work on, toward things you actually like. "Always produce" will discover your life's work the way water, with the aid of gravity, finds the hole in your roof."

"For example, if you asked random people on the street if they'd like to be able to draw like Leonardo, you'd find most would say something like "Oh, I can't draw." This is more a statement of intention than fact; it means, I'm not going to try. Because the fact is, if you took a random person off the street and somehow got them to work as hard as they possibly could at drawing for the next twenty years, they'd get surprisingly far. But it would require a great moral effort; it would mean staring failure in the eye every day for years. And so to protect themselves people say "I can't.""

"If you know you can love work, you're in the home stretch, and if you know what work you love, you're practically there."

Paul Graham on "Doing What You Love"

What I get from this. Ergo what it changes about my approach to a career is; I should do more than one thing at one time. It sounds entirely undisciplined and unfocussed to the other argument part of me. It makes sense though, I've been doing exactly that on an unnoticable scale.

I should take my hobbies more seriously :)


Key thoughts.

By Sid

"Investors looked at Yahoo's earnings and said to themselves, here is proof that Internet companies can make money. So they invested in new startups that promised to be the next Yahoo. And as soon as these startups got the money, what did they do with it? Buy millions of dollars worth of advertising on Yahoo to promote their brand. Result: a capital investment in a startup this quarter shows up as Yahoo earnings next quarter-- stimulating another round of investments in startups."

"Build it, and they will come. Make something great and put it online. That is a big change from the recipe for winning in the past century."

"There is a huge standard deviation among 26 year olds. Some are fit only for entry level jobs, but others are ready to rule the world if they can find someone to handle the paperwork for them."

"A company that made programmers wear suits would have something deeply wrong with it."

"I found that when I was at Yahoo, I couldn't help thinking, "how will this sound to investors?" when I should have been thinking "is this a good idea?""

"We were open with investors about that from the start. And we were careful to create something that could slot easily into a larger company. That is the pattern for the future."

"As Fred Brooks pointed out, small groups are intrinsically more productive, because the internal friction in a group grows as the square of its size."

My addition here would be that CraigList has only 21 employees.

Paul Graham on "What the Bubble got right"


Or if your interested in downloading some E-Books for yourself:

1] 1.1GB : The Entire Collection of OReilly E-Books.

2] 258MB: Assorted Titles.

I still can't find the O'Reilly LEX and YACC EBook.

"We're Children of Decadence
We're right, we're real, we will fight, we'll bleed,
We're mothafucking dying breed

We're slowly dying"
Children Of Bodom - Children Of Bodom

"My my my it's a beautiful world.
I like making my own tea."
Colin Hay - It's a beautiful world.



By Sid

There was a common off for college because no one wanted to go to college in the rain :-) Suweeet! Considering I woke up half an hour late!!! Hahah!!

I need two things:

1] If you know me, and you have this song Dimmu Borgir - Sorgens Kammer Del 2 please send this song to me anyhow, on MSN, via GMail, use Dropload. Take your pick, but that lead, it's haunting. I can't stop watching the video, I need this track in audio :S
2] I need to know why I said what I said about the blog thing. I have no idea why I lied. It just slips out, and I hate it. Shee! Im so stupid! Ugh! :S

But both solutions will come from me.

Today's venture. Schema design for my project. Okay, so how does one go about a tedious task of schema design. First, for some research.

URL's I found relating to schema design.
1] This article gives a nice description, using terminology like fact tables and dimension tables. Fact table basically containing information comprised from dimension tables. Public library Help on schema design.

2] Really simple, basic article on Normal Forms, Database Design Concepts. But again no solid guidelines. No full scale example. Sam's Database Design.

3] This concise pdf talks about Late Binding, Early Binding, and BLOB approaches. Design Strategies.

Okay. The point is.

1] Use Case Document:- You need to parse this for nouns. Any noun that comes up, will have a list of attributes. Noun + List of Attributes = Class/Entity.
2] A requirements document that specifies what the application does, in a strictly business level domain:- You need this to know what functionalities are incorporated into your application. The high level domain of the document will give you a good idea as to what your app. does, without any implementation details. You use those functionality outlines, as I will call them, to map relations between classes.

What to do:
1] Build a simple class diagram with the Name on top and a list of attributes.
2] Map relations. Map aggregations, generalizations. Map all ISA and HASA relations.
3] Decide what makes the data in a particular table unique, based on that map Primary Keys.

Okay. Before we move on to normalizing your schema, you should note down all the dependencies possible. Read the Sams article I linked to above. It explains this nicely.

1] Make the attributes atomic. (1NF)
2] Make sure all the data in the table is fully functionary dependent on the primary key. Remove any partial functional dependencies. (2NF)
3] Remove all transitive dependencies. (3NF)

Make sure you have your foreign keys in order. A foreign key in a parent table, has to be a primary key in a child table.

Look through your design once, make sure there's no redundancy. If it doesn't feel like a mess you have your first iteration. As your proceed with designing your app. you will make modifications, things will change. It's life :) deal with it :D

On a more personal note, I think I've become a new person.

Now, I am going to go and implement this stuff I just cooked up. If I find any errors I will update. Btw, I'm downloading a Easy Hi-Q Converter. which should help me isolate the audio from my video.

Easy Converter Hi-Q has two faults:
1] It's shareware.
2] It just asked me to restart my PC to finish the installation.

Not my style.
There's not much FreeWare available for this stuff. So, I will do the un-Sid thing and cave, restart my PC. Then do the Sid thing and rip this bitch. In fact I'll rip an even better one. Completely out of context though the RiverPast app. does look better :)

"Snake Eyes. House Wins. House Aways Wins"
Snake Eyes - The Movie.