Project Report: Submitted two copies.

DAA: Oral was excellent. Three Profs Vs Me. they tried oh so hard. Slight problem, I know my DAA. Or at least 5 out of 7 assignments.

PCD: She screwed me on the LR parsers since I hadn't studied it. But I answered everything else properly. I should get good marks :) (Why she made us wait around like idiots for three hours gets by me, but I got to study so I'm happy.)

OS: Eh, she asked me two questions, I forgot the answer to the first. Answered the second one perfectly, then remembered the answer to the first and blabbed it out randomly. She threw me out for not having an index page and for bringing my assignments for a (non-final) submission in a plastic folder. Anyone care to scream the word redundancy repeatedly in her face :)

I took revenge.

I ran, got my index done. Ran back to her, fought with her to cancel the "No Index" remark.

Did good.

13th October: Full OOMD signing, Full ADBMS signing. (A lot of ADBMS left, none of OOMD though.)

14th October: Full PCD Submissions. (Only ICG left)

Plan for today:
1] Try to write ICG.
2] Have a nice bath, watch some TV.
3] Write ADBMS assignments.
4] Write last two PCD assignments.

"Believe what you want,
Say what you will,
I spit venom in the eyes of your world.
Spitting venom in the eyes of my enemies."