1. Your real name: Siddharth Dawara

2. What friends call you: Sid, Dabba, Jabba, *random assorted gaalis*

3 What your boyfriend/girlfriend calls you: Baby.

4 What's a name you once wished you'd rather have?: Ahh!! This na. For once I wish someone would use my full name Siddharth! Actually, it doesn't make much of a difference to me, but still it's a wish :)

5.What is/are the ugliest name(s) you can think of?: Ummm any guy with a girls name man... that stuff is just unfair.

What would you name these if you had them as pets?
a. turtle: Michealangelo ... he was teh coolah!
b. goose: :( Gooosey Goosey Gander is the only thing I can think of man.
c. pirate: Pirate..guy man :D
d. a hot boy: ???? Dude I think this is a quiz for girls only :(

7. What would you name your kids?: Eyyy! I don't know man :( I like the name Natasha and Tina a lot though, I have lovely sister's with those names :D

Have you ever...
8. Thrown up in public?: Eh. Does three people count?

9. Eaten or drank anything spoiled?: Muwhahahaha

10. Tripped while checking someone out?: LOL!! That would be embarassing! Naw though I've had people noticing me checking them out. *Does super cool nod* Ssup?

11. Had to pay for something you broke?: NO! It wasn't me!

12. Caught people having sex?: -Pass-

Complete The Sentence

13. I once had a dream: in which I was a soccer star!!! I keep having this dream!!!

14. I'm only racist towards: other racist bastards :D

15. I don't even know why: sometimes I forget to have a bath :(

16. I'd give anything to have sex with: ehhh. Im not supposed to exert myself with any physical excercise ... doctors orders. Bastard doctor. But still, if I could, it would be in the following order:
1] Jessica Alba - Hotness personified.
2] Kate Hudson - She just rules.
3] Drew Barrymore - Do you know anyone whose more fun?
4] Famke Janssen - She's an underwear model ... underwear model.

17. Nothing sucks more than: eating khaana alone :(

18. You can't eat steak without: Umm I haven't had steak so I dunno this one :P

19. I really like you and everything but: There's this other girl ;)

What would you do if...

20. A dirty old guy at the airport slaps your ass?: Eyyy! Ummm, Id be like, "Eyyy Kaanye kya hai re?!"

21. Somebody was about to steal your car?: Pull out that gun man!!

22. You wake up with a billion spiders crawling all over you and your bed?: MADAR!!! Seriously!! I'd scream bloody murder ... and then ... just die man. Just plain die.

23. The person you just kissed tells you they have oral herpes?: Not kiss them again!!! Hahahahaha, that was hilarious!

25. The government allowed you to choose one thing to be legalized?: Gay Marriage ... seriously let those people be man.

26. Britney Spears was at your front door asking for jumper cables?: Shoot her. Not for the music she makes, but for letting her promoters shove it in my face for all those damned years!!

27. You had a time machine?: Go and undo some things I wish I hadn't done :)

28. FOX gave you a half hour show to do whatever you wanted?: Id make a movie about a day in my life, damn entertaining stuff man :D

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the following words?

29. Courage: Bhaiya

30. Driver: Fasttttt!

31. Yoga: Dad!

32. Shoe: Socks.

33. Roach: Cock?

34. Mushroom: POISON!

35. Fun: MOVIE!

36. Cell phone: Talking :)

37. Pythagorean: That 90 degress BS.

38. Chalk: White.


39. Three words about a person you are currently interested in: amazing, sweet, mad, innocent, yedi, passionate, funny, smart, really smart, really really funny, really really really sweet, really really really mad ... haa theek hai three words. I'm all about breaking the rules man :)

40. Who or what is your worst enemy?: Laziness.

41. What's one romantic thing somebody's done for you? Listened :)


Okay, I dunno if it was only for girls or whatever, but it was fun man!

Now back to work :D