For the past four days, these have been of great pain to me

make install

You wouldn't believe the insanity of it all if I told you.

1] Your shell thinks it's so cool it doesn't need a gcc ... g++ is awesome that way!
But when you run ./configure and it checks out your environment, you know g++ is better than gcc, hell g++ knows it's better than gcc, EVEN gcc knows g++ is better, but NO! gnokii doesn't!


ln -s g++ gcc

That's a whole day for you.

2] The make part. Now a lot of guides out there tell you, if your shell doesn't have a make, link one.

cd /bin/
ln -s amakefileyoudownload mymake.exe


All propgrams necessarily assume your make file is called "make" so when you run ./configure and it examines your environment it doesn't find a make file.

That's three days for you.

3] Some command lib: not found in libtool. Still have to figure out what that is all about.

Anyways, I'm pissed off with trying to build gnokii on Windows, so I'm going back to connecting my Nokia phone on Xubuntu. My project partner, my partner in trouble is sticking it out with me. Today is ummm. ugh! god knows day no #what ... we're going at it straight. Either this works, or one of us is going to die. I love listening to Iron Maiden, stuff works out whenever I listen to them.

For the greater good of God!

Now, if I can only find his phone to experminent with :D