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Have you guys seen South Park - Paris Hilton.

There's this awesome part in there, where Cartman's trying to get the attention of a bunch of stupid spoiled whore's in his school so that he can get invited to their stupid spoiled whore party. He being a fat ass, they obviously take 0 notice of him. And shit! you should hear what he comes back with.

If only I could ....



Me Time.

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Stuff I learnt from 2005: [Lol, I actually got this wrong]

1] Friends are good people. It really helps to have good buddies. It helps even more if you're related to them :)

2] You can never really count on situations turning sour at wrong times. Don't think everything will be allright, because it won't. It's all upto you to make the necessary things happen.

3] Take some time, smell a rose. It goes a long way.

4] Just because someone your age is doing better than you, that doesn't mean anything.

5] Don't bother about the details. It's a waste of time, just focus on what matters. Let everything else, truly slide.

6] Don't tell a girl you love her. Just shut up. Silence is more compelling.

7] Teachers suck ass. Especially the ones at -bleep- -wink wink-

Stuff I want in 2006:

1] A good girl friend.

2] To go somewhere nice and beautiful with my family.

3] To get my bloody distinction.

4] To finish Java.

5] To start my Final Year Project.

6] Earn some cash.

7] Smell more roses.

Have a good new year fellas.



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It's good to have siblings. Mine are awesome, caring people.

Here's a shout to all the siblings out there.

Take Care and Good Night.


Number. 6

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When you google the words "manowar fan" this blog shows up at no. 6.



Spam pisses me off. Especially when people are being spammed with your name behind an email address ... especially.

To track down someone via an email is actually fairly simple. Lets assume you receive a very lewd email that you don't appreciate and well you just want to know who it is.

Every single time you or anyone connects to the internet they are given an address, an IP address. It's a 4 part address, each part having 3 digits. Each part has its own significance as the link describes. A server is basically a computer that connects to the internet to provide services, hence it too has an IP address. A person connecting to that server also has an IP address, you [yes, you reading this] also have one. Get to know your IP address.

The service that translates or looks up a host name from an IP address or vice versa is called a Domain Name Service or DNS.

1] You need to have an email. An email represents a connection between the receiver [you] and the sender [pervert] over time. When an email is sent, it doesn't reach its destination promptly. The email may or may not be routed to the receivers inbox via more than one servers. When the receiver accesses his/her inbox the email is downloaded onto their machine. Each email has a data structure called a "header".

This contains all the information such as the senders IP address, the IP addresses of all the servers it made pitstops at (i.e. the route it took).

2] To view your Email's headers in Yahoo! or Hotmail all you have to do is change some settings in your account preferences. This URL documents how to do the same for various common providers:
To view email headers .

3] Lets take this by example. Now suppose I send me an email. This is what the header looks like.

Image hosted by

The highlighted part is what we're interested in.

You [i.e. your inbox] received an email from ( via SMTP (Send Mail Transfer Protocol) on 19th August, 2005 at 09:41:50 (GMT - 7:00). ( received the message from via whose IP address is on 19th August 2005, at 12:41:38 (GMT -04:00).

Hence you're original sender is (

Now you have the IP address you need. We need to reference a location from this address.

4] Use the tools here at DNSStuff to perform geographical lookups. The only, if not the most significant limitation to this lookup is that the depth is only upto the city. It won't and can't address locations within a city. What you will have to do is either contact you're local law enforcement, file a complaint. With that foundation you could approach your local ISPs and narrow it down to a person.

Some IP addresses are owned privately and remain static. All IP addresses with the first number as 10 ( are private IPs. the lookup at DNSStuff provides:

Country: [Private IP]
City: Unknown

Private IP? Yes
Known Proxy? No

In such cases you do a "WHOIS" lookup and hopefully get some information. For the same address ( a WHOIS provided me with:

Location: [Private IP]

NOTE: More information appears to be available at IANA-IP-ARIN.

Using 0 day old cached answer (or, you can get fresh results).
Hiding E-mail address (you can get results with the E-mail address).

OrgName: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Address: 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
City: Marina del Rey
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 90292-6695
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetName: RESERVED-10
NetHandle: NET-10-0-0-0-1
NetType: IANA Special Use
Comment: This block is reserved for special purposes.
Comment: Please see RFC 1918 for additional information.
Updated: 2002-09-12

OrgAbuseHandle: IANA-IP-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number
OrgAbusePhone: +1-310-301-5820
OrgAbuseEmail: *****

OrgTechHandle: IANA-IP-ARIN
OrgTechName: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number
OrgTechPhone: +1-310-301-5820
OrgTechEmail: *****

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2005-12-27 19:10
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.

So that's basically how it all works. If you're in Pune or are interested in how Cyber Crime works in Pune, there is an established Cyber Cell at Pashan. ASCL, Pune.

"Fuck this shit, I'm sick of it
You're goin down, this is a war! "


Today morning, I checked my Norton SystemWorks 2005 renewal date and it (still) said, "12/30/1899".

After a little bit of searching Symantec officially says this:
Symantec's Solution.

According to them, it may be because of the firewall or some ad blocking software. You could try to repair the subscription files. At best it's a bug and an uninstall and reinstall should work fine. It actually poses no real problem, the AutoUpdate still works perfect and my Virus Definitions download perfectly. But it's like this itch you know, 18 bloody 99.

Does NOT sit well with me.



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Guts by Chuck Palahniuk

Ok, strong warning. This is really freaky. So be-ware be fore you read this.



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Allright long overdue follow up on the backup problem.

Now, when you use Norton Ghost to backup your active partition, what you sometimes ... ok most of the time might get is a PQI error. This is in my opinion because you're in the OS while backing it up ... it's really well documented on a Radified forum. PQI Error

My solution to the problem was to run scandisk from my Xp Installable PE (Preinstalled Environment). That fixed the PQI error, but I still have to really test the integrity of the hwole process by actually completing a restore.



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A shitload of good Heavy Metal Wallpapers.


Problem: Third Party Drivers Suck. Windows Media Player does not cut it.
There's just too many file out there that've been coded and re-coded using god knows what, and frankly everytime windows media gives me a Codec Not Availbale Error I die a little bit inside.

So here's the solution all your video needs in a few dowloads (My Current and all prevailing settings)

1] You need DivX, no matter what, you need a DIvX bundle.

2] You need DirectX 9.0 too.

3] This is BSPlayer. No third party codecs, no spyware no shit involved. Its got all its own codecs, you can trust the website, and its free.

4] If you play .ogm files then you need some additional codecs, which you cannot go around. I have those codecs somewhere, will post about them later but I'm sure this should take care of your ogm needs too. VLC Media Player. Just in case check out these OGM codecs.

Happy Video Viewing.


Picture Of Me

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So here's the problem.

System Recovery.

Right, System Bloody Recovery. I'm trying to use Norton Ghost 9.0 to create a dive image for C:\ my sweet lil active partition. Hence saving me countless hours of restore time. The drive image restores your OS to the exact point at which you backed it up settings, program files everything.

So far, what I've understood is that:

1] Your best bet is to create the image from the recovery console outside and I stress OUTSIDE the OS you want to backup. Now you can, as per the Hot Imaging or Imaging on the Fly (That's what its called on Ghost 10) utility backup your drive while your in it, but why tempt fate eh. A head out of the Lion's mouth is a good, decent head, I say.

2] There's also a feature called an incremental image which just basically updates a drive image you created a while ago to the current state your OS partition is in.

3] Norton Ghost 9.0 which is actually Power Quest's Drive Imaging tool is marketed as Norton Ghost 9.0 because well Norton bought out Power Quest. Now, this recovery console is actually part of the Norton Recovery Disc which ahem I'm "getting" in a while.

4] Norton Ghost 10 is out too, so you can buy it if you like, or "get" it like I did. People of the world supposedly swear by this backup tool.

Now personally I haven't Ghost ... yet. Will update when I do though.

Have a nice one.


Three Questions:

1. Select the first and last rows from a table.

2.Select even rows from a table.

3.Select odd rows from a table.

All have to be done using the ROWNUM pseudo-coloumn.

Now ROWNUM is assigned to a record everytime it is inserted as below

SQL> select rownum, emp_id,ename from emp;

---------- ---------- --------------------
1 1 sid
2 2 aalap
3 3 priti
4 4 rothi
5 5 niya

SQL> select rownum, emp_id, ename from emp order by ename desc;

---------- ---------- --------------------
1 1 sid
4 4 rothi
3 3 priti
5 5 niya
2 2 aalap

So as is evident the point that a row can only be first or last if ordered by a key, which rules out ROWNUM is invalidated, since we're talking for the range of this problem in "PRIORITY OF INSERTION" sense.


SQL> select * from emp where rownum = 1;

---------- -------------------- ----------
1 sid 80000

SQL> select * from (select * from emp order by rownum desc) where rownum = 1;

---------- -------------------- ----------
5 niya 330

That does it for the first and last row.

For the even and odd, Im failing with ROWNUM as any
... where ROWNUM = ... other than ROWNUM = 1 doesn't work and only where ROWNUM < works.

So this is useless

select * from emp where mod(rownum,2) = 0;

select * from emp where mod(rownum,2) = 1;

Any hints.


"How fast can this thing go?"


An alternate solution to The Cursor Problem is to use a normal loop as

open Cursor_Name;
fetch Cursor_Name into Variable1, ....;
exit when Cursor_Name%notfound;
end loop
close Cursor_Name;

Every fetch from the cursor increments an imaginary row pointer if you will, and the exit conditions is true when Cursor_Name fetches nothing, ie all rows are processed.

For The Trigger Problem I should be using before update not after update.

My bad.

Btw In Flames is a swedish band and Manowar's guitarist was originally part of a Sabbath backup band.


Manowar Bio

In Flames Bio


This is an Oracle defined procedure that allows a user to issue user defined error-messages

Range is a number from -20000 to -20999

So the trigger effectively changes to:

create or replace trigger trig_item_chkbal
after update on item_master for each row

if (:new.i_bal_stock <> delete from item_request where r_code = 2;
delete from item_request where r_code = 2
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-20001: No negative balance stock
ORA-06512: at "SYSTEM.TRIG_ITEM_CHKBAL", line 5
ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'SYSTEM.TRIG_ITEM_CHKBAL'
ORA-06512: at "SYSTEM.TRIG_ITEM", line 2
ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'SYSTEM.TRIG_ITEM'

"Harder than steel ... Too hard to break. This heart of steel."


The Trigger Problem:

Two Tables
Item_Mstr(Item_Id, Descr, Bal_Stock)
Item_Request(Item_Id, Req_Code, I_Qty )

I wrote a trigger after deletion on the Item_Request table which subtracts I_Qty from Bal_Stock from Item_Mstr for I_id, using an UPDATE command. Thus indicating the requested order has been shipped.

Now, write a trigger that makes sure the Bal_Stock at any point never becomes negative, in the case it does happen so, the update command is rolled back.

//PL SQL Trigger for Item_Master and Item_request

create table item_request(i_id number, r_code number, Qty number);

create table item_master(i_id number primary key, i_desc varchar2(20),i_bal_stock number);

create or replace trigger trig_item
after delete on item_request for each row
update item_master set i_bal_stock = i_bal_stock - :old.Qty where i_id = :old.i_id;

Now in the new trigger for an update on item_master to check if balance is negative you have two options:
1. Rollback the change - Not allowed in triggers.
2.Update the table setting the new value to old - Not allowed again, Oracle says you can't change the value after an update (not allowed to change :new.bal_stock).

So yeah shiznit..

"Men without a dream aren't men at all"


The Cursor Problem:

How do you scan through multiple rows if a cursor is designed to fetch not one row but a whole rowset.


You use a cursor for loop.

Syntax for Oracle 9i:

for Recordset_Name in Cursor_Name loop
statement block
end loop;

Oracle automatically delares the variable Recordset_Name as a %ROWSET datatype and stores the rows fetched by cursor in it. So if you wanted access to any attributes of the row, Recordset_Name.Attribute_Name would work.

If you wanted access to an attribute in the third row, then Recordset_Name.Attribute_name in the third iteration of the loop would do it.

for example:

/*cursor Crsr_Location selects all rows from the table "dept"*/

cursor Crsr_Location is select dept_id,dept_location,dept_name from dept;

/*The for loop scans through the fetched rowset row by row and relocates the sales dpeartment to dallas and all other departments to NY*/
for Location_Rec in Crsr_Location loop
if Location_Rec.dept_name = 'Sales' then
update dept set dept_location = 'Dallas' where dept_id = Location_Rec.dept_id;
update dept set dept_location = 'New York' where dept_id = Location_Rec.dept_id;
end if;
end loop;




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My name is Siddharth Dawara. Age 20 ... yeah that varies from person to person.

Studying computer engineering at MIT, Pune. Living at home. Listening to D12.

So this blog ... its gonna be mostly for me, ranting about the shiznit.

If you like, stick around.