In my opinion anyone who uses Windows is retarded :D

You know why?


1] Windows: Gets the error, deals with it and dies. Human involvement, NIL!
Xubuntu: You get the error, try and search for a solution, get like a billion solutions, feel damn happy and shit, none work, you suffer like a dog, and die.

2] Windows: Plays WMA files.
Xubuntu: Encounters WMA files and kills the media player, SERIOUSLY IT KILLS IT!

PS: I don't have WMA drivers :D

3] Windows: You install MySQL ... VOILA! It installs!
Xubuntu: You get a message saying removing kernel instance, and then whoosh you restart!!! You don't have an OS anymore!!

4] Windows: Nokia makes drivers only for windows.
Xubuntu: Apparently this guy on this forum says if you assign it a particular driver the phone detects perfectly!!!! But, you can't make it do SQUAT!! :D

5] Windows: Non human logo. Windows is not for humans, it's for retarded people. I'm serious dude, you MUST be crippled to like Windows so much!
Xubuntu: There's five, six really serene looking people. The truth behind the picture is that, those people have given up on Linux after using Xubuntu, and now only believe in pot. And holding hands :D:D:D

6] Windows: Costs Money.
Xubuntu: You might become a pothead who likes to hold hands. And it costs money. :D:D:D Cuz you have to buy stuff to make your life nice again.

7] Windows: All messengers are nice and everything.
Xubuntu: GAIM is horrible and makes me feel deprived like I get only bread and water for food. I can't put a photo nothing, it feels like I'm in a concentration camp.

8] Windows: When you download two things, both suck ass!
Xubuntu: When you download two things, the network physically dies! One download is chosen survivor style, and gets the most sexy life while the other lives in ignomity with as much bandwidth as poor people have money!

9] Windows: Skype works.
Xubuntu: Skype works, but there's no VOICE!!

PS: Because my Quickcam which has the mic, has no drivers for Linux.

10] Windows: Bill Gates loots you.
Xubuntu: There are one billion people who lie to you, laugh at your suffering when post a problem, and you basically die.

The only one good thing about Xubuntu, is Synaptic. If Synaptology was a religion I would be a Synaptologist ... and yes that is a crack at you know who ;)

Yay! I've been wanting to get that off my chest!

PS: This is a parody, I actually love using Xubuntu :D And yes I am a Synaptologist, me and Rohit started the religion!