Ever since the first install of Xubuntu with my wireless Logitech, there's been an issue with some special characters.

The Tilda Character.
The Pound Character.
The At.

It's some how all mixed up, so for example everytime I want to put something in double quotes, I need to go shit + 2. "" Like so. Now, I have a lot of C/CPP programming behind me and in front so that I can get used to, but as you will have it, fate it seems, is not without irony.

AWK programming requires usage of almost all special characters, and I can't seem to find a decent half solution to solving this problem, maybe it's the drivers who knows?! Maybe Ubuntu has my keyboard configured as from Siberia or something?!

I'm too lazy to google the answers now, but will later and post.

Till then, some good old copy paste should work.