Mereko ganda bhook laga hai, which translates to, shit I'm HUNGRY!

Okay, so basically there's nothing to eat but .... things to do in such situations:

1] Maybe if I stop telling myself I'm hungry I'll stop being hungry. That blew up in my face about 20 minutes ago.

2] Drink lots of water. If I have one more sip of water, something bad will happen ... I'm sure of it.

3] Eat trash. That crap seriously tastes like trash, plastic-y trash. I'd rather die of starvation than try eating that again (yes, this hunger is not new)

4] Dream about food ... no wait, it's DON'T dream about food. Awww damn, I ruined it.

5] Milk? Maybe there's milk ... maybe I can make a cup of tea, which won't do squat for my empty stomach.

6] Biscuits. Hmmm, last time I ate two packets worth of that Monaco trash and woke up with my stomach burning. We'll call this plan B.

7] Wake someone up? Hahahahahaha. No.

8] Buy instant food tomorrow, so this doesn't repeat itself? Yes!

But what about now :(

In school I knew this kid who would eat chalk, paper and drink ink. I was terrified of him, even though I knew he was a good kid. I should have learnt early!


This is what I got together from the fridge:

1] A mediocre bowl of rice.

2] A small amount of Spinach. For my Popeye muscles.

3] A very small amount of Aloo Gobi.

4] Brittania Fruit Rolls?

Since there was no Daal to get the rice wet, I added Pasta sauce and microwaved it all. I wouldn't be blogging, but it's really hot right now.

So ... paper, chalk, ink boy - 0 Sid - 1

Whose your Dadday now huh?


I hate Spinach.

"Bitter, sweet"

Lamb Of God - Break You