I have realized that fear clouds my judgement, beyond anything.

I am too scared to fail.

Can you blame me? Can you? Can you? No.
But, I can :)

Today is a busy day, I downloaded and started working with RadRails. RadRails is basically an IDE for development using RubyOnRails, which I am using for my project. Im calling it Adwallah :) Spelt with an "h".

I got my XRay done, will pick it up soon. About XRay's; getting an XRay is not as fun as it sounds. They make you lie down, and trust me when I say "whirrr" is a very disturbing sound. Hmmmm, anyways it had to be done.

Anish's party is on Thursday night. Anish, one of my friends is a really smart guy. A little backstory.

Ever since he set foot in an academic life he knew he wanted to do something different, so was in his blood. So he chose the Petroleum Engineering stream at MIT, Pune. Mind you, he did what all of us do. He passed out of 10th standard under an SSC certificate. He studied his 11th and 12th under the science stream of an HSC college. He fared well throughout his engineering never below a frist class, no backlogs, clean slate. But when he got placed. He got placed with Reliance with a package that just keeps going up and up, a job in an air conditioned office in Bombay. "See you have to be analytical, your analytical skills should be honed and you should be able to tolerate lots of data." He chose Reservoirs, over Drilling. Petroleum jobs are basically classified as Drilling or Reservoir jobs. Drilling is the more physical of the two, involving a hard life on the rig. But money galore, money galore. So not only is he doing what he likes, he's getting paid shitloads to do it, and he's doing it in a city where the standard of living is high.

My point was, he stuck to his vision.
He had belief.
He had commitment.
He had balance. (He is a FUN guy)

Vision, Commitment, Belief, Balance. Go figure.

"We'll fight untill we win.
Or we'll fight,
Until we die."
Manowar - Fight Until We Die.