I'm using the Flock web browser, which is equipped with tools to enhance blogging, tagging, multiple searching via an Ajaxed menu.

Why I'm loving it?

1] It caught hold of all my old bookmarks instantly.
2] The UI is catchy.
3] The upload and use pictures bar integrated with my Photobucket seamlessly.
4] It's built using Mozilla technology, so we know it's as safe!
5] All bookmarks are stored locally as well as on my delicous.
6] I have RSS in built. Looks much better than Sage did. (EDIT: The menu looks like Bloglines and the Stylesheets used to display the content are quite similar to Sage, but I like, I like!)
7] No Spyware!!!

Only trouble is the blog this feature. I'm having trouble setting it up with a Blogger API. Lemme see.

Flock 0.7.8 (Current Version) doesn't support an interface to blogger beta via "Blog This" which is said but assured, I will await this with bated breath!!

Till then a simple bookmark on my toolbar as before with firefox.

It's official. I'm going to sport the button!