There was a common off for college because no one wanted to go to college in the rain :-) Suweeet! Considering I woke up half an hour late!!! Hahah!!

I need two things:

1] If you know me, and you have this song Dimmu Borgir - Sorgens Kammer Del 2 please send this song to me anyhow, on MSN, via GMail, use Dropload. Take your pick, but that lead, it's haunting. I can't stop watching the video, I need this track in audio :S
2] I need to know why I said what I said about the blog thing. I have no idea why I lied. It just slips out, and I hate it. Shee! Im so stupid! Ugh! :S

But both solutions will come from me.

Today's venture. Schema design for my project. Okay, so how does one go about a tedious task of schema design. First, for some research.

URL's I found relating to schema design.
1] This article gives a nice description, using terminology like fact tables and dimension tables. Fact table basically containing information comprised from dimension tables. Public library Help on schema design.

2] Really simple, basic article on Normal Forms, Database Design Concepts. But again no solid guidelines. No full scale example. Sam's Database Design.

3] This concise pdf talks about Late Binding, Early Binding, and BLOB approaches. Design Strategies.

Okay. The point is.

1] Use Case Document:- You need to parse this for nouns. Any noun that comes up, will have a list of attributes. Noun + List of Attributes = Class/Entity.
2] A requirements document that specifies what the application does, in a strictly business level domain:- You need this to know what functionalities are incorporated into your application. The high level domain of the document will give you a good idea as to what your app. does, without any implementation details. You use those functionality outlines, as I will call them, to map relations between classes.

What to do:
1] Build a simple class diagram with the Name on top and a list of attributes.
2] Map relations. Map aggregations, generalizations. Map all ISA and HASA relations.
3] Decide what makes the data in a particular table unique, based on that map Primary Keys.

Okay. Before we move on to normalizing your schema, you should note down all the dependencies possible. Read the Sams article I linked to above. It explains this nicely.

1] Make the attributes atomic. (1NF)
2] Make sure all the data in the table is fully functionary dependent on the primary key. Remove any partial functional dependencies. (2NF)
3] Remove all transitive dependencies. (3NF)

Make sure you have your foreign keys in order. A foreign key in a parent table, has to be a primary key in a child table.

Look through your design once, make sure there's no redundancy. If it doesn't feel like a mess you have your first iteration. As your proceed with designing your app. you will make modifications, things will change. It's life :) deal with it :D

On a more personal note, I think I've become a new person.

Now, I am going to go and implement this stuff I just cooked up. If I find any errors I will update. Btw, I'm downloading a Easy Hi-Q Converter. which should help me isolate the audio from my video.

Easy Converter Hi-Q has two faults:
1] It's shareware.
2] It just asked me to restart my PC to finish the installation.

Not my style.
There's not much FreeWare available for this stuff. So, I will do the un-Sid thing and cave, restart my PC. Then do the Sid thing and rip this bitch. In fact I'll rip an even better one. Completely out of context though the RiverPast app. does look better :)

"Snake Eyes. House Wins. House Aways Wins"
Snake Eyes - The Movie.