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I know own and wrote What is my Google Ranking?

Awesome possumness!

It's just a simple enough tool that tells you your Google page ranking for a set of words. US, UK, whatever suits your jazz music.


#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../config/environment'
before_time =
config =
db_config = config.database_configuration[RAILS_ENV]
}.each do |table, statement|
system(%{cd #{RAILS_ROOT}/public && mysql -u #{db_config["username"]} -h #{db_config["host"]} -p#{db_config["password"]} #{db_config["database"]} -e '#{statement}' --xml > #{table}.xml})
after_time =
puts "Took: #{after_time - before_time}"

So awesome, I am.


I just bought these

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12 gauge shot glasses

Oh yeah! Addition to the things I don't need but love to spend money on.



I'll let Yehuda explain the whole deal to you, how Rails 3 and Merb 2 will be the same. Why? Well, he's also doing it and I'm a nice guy dude, give credit where it is due.

What does that mean though?

I'll quote qwantz here, "like ants combining to form the shape of a giant ant"

I hope everyone feels as positively as I do about this.


So I got myself a tumblr. It's at

I'm sorry if this appears twice in your RSS feed, fucking Mac blogger widget is being such a bitch.