I'm moronically afraid of the dark ... at age 20.

So like all normal people who love to drink large gulps of water when they study late, I frequently need to drain my system.

It's 3:24am and well about five minutes ago I went to the loo and this is exactly what happened.

I'm stepping through the dark hallway inch by inch looking for shadows, deciphering who my shikari might be. I step into the bathroom and and just as I reach to switch the lights on I hear something.

My head swivels violently trying to figure out what the noise was, sweat instantly forming on my forehead my brain racing through rationalities of why ghosts can't exist and why I shouldn't be afraid because even if they do, it doesn't matter because I'm a good person.

My brain tries to remember what the sound was.

In all the confusion my jaw has stopped moving. Soft mashed up, moist remains of the 50-50 biscuit lay still on my tongue.

I think it was a chewing noise.

Which reminds me, I have to read the book "Night" after my exams.

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