I just realized there's a lot of stuff going on inside my head.

And it needs to come out.

I'm not exactly in the best state of mind.

Nothing works ... hence the super cool posts about Ubuntu.

Hell, nothing even works with Cygwin. It's actually even more awesome.

The worst part is, my fire is gone :( I need to feel it burn man, I need to feel an urge to get up and solve this situation. The urge is there for a solution, trust me, it is, but it's stretching me, I guess I'm just taking this too personally or something, but how can I not?


Enough is not enough. I so can do this man.
In a few words,

"Death to all the empires,
death to lifelong wars,
death to all the bitter sons of the anti christ,
death to the world!"
Kreator - World Anarchy

As long as there is metal, there is always fire, and as long as there is fire, there is always hope.

As long as there is hope, I will jack you up and kill you bulldozer style!