I'm now in Ubuntu Land.


Im using GAIM to log into my messengers. I like, I like. If anyone want's help.

1] MSN:
Setting up MSN was pretty straightforward. Plug in your username, password select the protocol and wham, bam, thank you maam.

2] GoogleTalk:
Google Help With Setting up GoogleTalk on GAIM. Really nice with pictures and all.

Other than that, trying to install USB device driver for camera. So did not work out, gave me some random ass compile error.

So one point of note is that a fresh install of Ubuntu does not come with "Make" installed! It's scary man when you type "make all" and it goes bash: Make: Command not found! Your like, "But what I did?"

To solve that problem use the Synaptic Package Manager. Very animal like name, but it works sweetly :)

More Later.