You remember that scene from the first Lord Of The Rings movie where they're crossing that huge mountain and it's snowing all over and it's all, "There lies a journey ahead of you."

Take that and spin it on its head like 459 times. Then turn it upside down and make it look like the dog in the Loreal Anti Wrinke Cream (that is red) ad.

Then ... ah forget it I'll just get to the point.

I just got all my dates in order:

3rd November: Comp Lab Practical.
9th November: OOMD Oral.
16th November: Project Oral.
15th to 20th November: PPT Presentation on Project.
18th November: ADBMS Oral.
7th December to 18th December: Theory papers.

None of the five subjects are easy riders, none.
All five are Kings of their domain.

I was planning to go out Wednesday night.
I was planning to watch El Mariachi on DVD with bhaiyya tomorrow.
I was planning to watch Miami Vice on DVD with Bangy.

"I'll take you to the truth,
For the truth shall set you free."
Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest.

"Got you by the balls."
ACDC - Got you by the balls.