Here we are, another year in the wraps and no one even blinked. I mean seriously, does anyone know where the time went? In less than a month I will be 21! No regrets, really to me it means I can do somethings legally now :D But yeah, deep down, I didn't live it up to its entirity ... no excuses there, my bad. I did give it my best shot though.

Any resolutions? Feel free to post them up here if you're really liberal and you're one of the seven devoted readers I have! (Yes, I occasionally check my analytics) I'm in a mood too sombre to not think of things like resolutions and what I've learnt so far.

I'm going to make this as crisp as it comes:

What Siddharth learnt from 2006:
1] Stitches removed from your ear are the most painful thing in the world.
2] I have limits.
3] I can't understand everything.
4] Everything is an acquired skill. You pick something up and practice it long enough, you get good at it no matter what it is, except if it is understanding everything ... or flying or behaving like a horse.
5] I miss reading a good book. (I just finished Bringing Down The House by Ben Mezrich.)
6] Doing is way better than saying you can do. Saying you can do with utter confidence and the suave demeanor of a jock is overrated.
7] You can find extraordinary things in the most ordinary places. You just have to look. It's not about looking at it in the right way, it's just about looking at it.

What Siddharth would like to happen to him in 2007:
1] More perseverance. I need to test those damned limits.
2] More focus. I dilly-dally like a piece of Jelly trying to decide between mint and tooty frooty. Sometimes at least. (1 and 2 are project related)
3] Keep working out.
4] Respect and love my family more ... I really do not do this a lot. Shame on me and everyone else who feels this way!
5] Become taller (Fat chance! But since I'm now in a wishing mood)
6] Fix everything I want to fix.
7] Become an engineer! (This one I love!)

Number 5 is not going to happen so have a Happy New Year. To end it all, a classic by Slayer. One of my original favorites, a tune that will haunt, words that will carve.

"On and on,
South Of Heaven"
Slayer - South Of Heaven.