The war:
29th October: ADBMS Oral.
3rd, 4th, 5th November: Computer Lab (PCD + OS + DAA)
13th November: OOMD Oral.
16th November: Project Oral.

Usual strategies:
1. Break it down and kill it one at a time.
2. Attack from the back.
3. Move early, move fast and move with a purpose.
4. See only the eye of the fish.

This time:
1. No prof. is to be taken lightly, there will be no stops this time, one of them doesn't like me very much; victim of circumstance is all I will say.
2. Not one subject is to be taken lightly. Need to study and study everything thoroughly. Need to make notes so I don't forget on the last day.
3. There is no balance either. I know very less in OOMD and ADBMS and a lot in the Computer Lab subjects.

To sum it up:
There is no honour in death or failure. There is no warriors fate at the end of the road, only victory.

"Your numbers up,
The bullets got your name.
You still go on,
To Hell and back again.

Valhalla waits,
Valkyries rise and fall.
The warrior tombs lie open for us all,
A ghostly hand reaches through the veil,
Blood and sand, we will prevail.

Sliding we go,
Only fear on our side."
Iron Maiden - The Longest Day.