Problem: Third Party Drivers Suck. Windows Media Player does not cut it.
There's just too many file out there that've been coded and re-coded using god knows what, and frankly everytime windows media gives me a Codec Not Availbale Error I die a little bit inside.

So here's the solution all your video needs in a few dowloads (My Current and all prevailing settings)

1] You need DivX, no matter what, you need a DIvX bundle.

2] You need DirectX 9.0 too.

3] This is BSPlayer. No third party codecs, no spyware no shit involved. Its got all its own codecs, you can trust the website, and its free.

4] If you play .ogm files then you need some additional codecs, which you cannot go around. I have those codecs somewhere, will post about them later but I'm sure this should take care of your ogm needs too. VLC Media Player. Just in case check out these OGM codecs.

Happy Video Viewing.