Stuff I learnt from 2005: [Lol, I actually got this wrong]

1] Friends are good people. It really helps to have good buddies. It helps even more if you're related to them :)

2] You can never really count on situations turning sour at wrong times. Don't think everything will be allright, because it won't. It's all upto you to make the necessary things happen.

3] Take some time, smell a rose. It goes a long way.

4] Just because someone your age is doing better than you, that doesn't mean anything.

5] Don't bother about the details. It's a waste of time, just focus on what matters. Let everything else, truly slide.

6] Don't tell a girl you love her. Just shut up. Silence is more compelling.

7] Teachers suck ass. Especially the ones at -bleep- -wink wink-

Stuff I want in 2006:

1] A good girl friend.

2] To go somewhere nice and beautiful with my family.

3] To get my bloody distinction.

4] To finish Java.

5] To start my Final Year Project.

6] Earn some cash.

7] Smell more roses.

Have a good new year fellas.