So here's the problem.

System Recovery.

Right, System Bloody Recovery. I'm trying to use Norton Ghost 9.0 to create a dive image for C:\ my sweet lil active partition. Hence saving me countless hours of restore time. The drive image restores your OS to the exact point at which you backed it up settings, program files everything.

So far, what I've understood is that:

1] Your best bet is to create the image from the recovery console outside and I stress OUTSIDE the OS you want to backup. Now you can, as per the Hot Imaging or Imaging on the Fly (That's what its called on Ghost 10) utility backup your drive while your in it, but why tempt fate eh. A head out of the Lion's mouth is a good, decent head, I say.

2] There's also a feature called an incremental image which just basically updates a drive image you created a while ago to the current state your OS partition is in.

3] Norton Ghost 9.0 which is actually Power Quest's Drive Imaging tool is marketed as Norton Ghost 9.0 because well Norton bought out Power Quest. Now, this recovery console is actually part of the Norton Recovery Disc which ahem I'm "getting" in a while.

4] Norton Ghost 10 is out too, so you can buy it if you like, or "get" it like I did. People of the world supposedly swear by this backup tool.

Now personally I haven't Ghost ... yet. Will update when I do though.

Have a nice one.