Whew!! A lot has happened over the past few weeks, and a lot really means a lot.

One, Rohit and I won first prize at the intechxication intra project competition and we won the prize for the best mobile computing project at the inter college competition... which is odd because ours really has no mobile computing as such, I think the college had trouble classifying our project.
We would or could have won the inter all the way too, but our second judge was a real asshole, he never even saw our demonstration :( Throughout our presentation he just kept nodding ... I was so enthusiastic about it, total turn off, but hey I put my best foot forward and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. Plus, we won 5k and we're entering another competition hopefully :)

Two, my project is finally over and done. It works great, exactly as expected which makes me immensely happy. This also renders me aimless in life, which is fun and sad at the same time. Odd feeling really, not having to think about it, but I guess there's a time and place for everything.

Three, I am so not good with details. From now on, I'm going to be that person who runs around with a pad and writes down things, like e-mail addresses especially.

Four, I had some stuff in mind to blog about as regarding technology ... but it's all just completely slipped out of my mind. The past three weeks have been really amazing that way, everything working and all. I guess I'll blog it out as it comes to me.

Five, I had an excellent time with the folks at ThoughtWorks at their family day!! I learned I am very very very BAD at bowling, and no this is not good bad, but bad bad. My second try I managed to smack the ball at the ceiling, yes ceiling. Temporarily, I think it would do me some good to put my bowling career on hold. That and I sprained my right wrist, very sad news I know, painful though. I had to draw up the charts for my project stall with that wrist. Feels better now, and I'm actually thinking of giving the whole bowling thing another go. :D

"There was a time and a place, where we won it all"