The post that follows is the honest truth and bear in mind, I know it sounds to good to be true :) But it isn't ... it's just awesome.

Every Friday the movies in Pune change in the theatres. Last Friday, the movie change was to 300. Now if you've been on the internet or been watching TV you would be affected by this buzz 110% The 300 is a gory movie about an epic David Vs. Goliath battle.

My point though is how I went for the movie. Now you must understand E-Square is one of the more popular multiplexes in town and going for a Friday night movie at 9:30 without prior bookings is unheard of!

But I did it.

Yes sir. I sadly even showed up five minutes late :) But my tickets were still there for me.

All thanks to the guys at BookEazy. BookEazy is a movie ticket booking service which allows you to book tickets online and pay for them on arrival at the theatre. You don't have to come early/wait in line ... none of that jazz, just book your tickets and enjoy your BookEazy movies as one of my friend eloquently puts it.

The service is awesome, in the sense you don't have to worry about advance bookings at all, just book online, as soon as you book tickets you get a confirmation SMS which you can show to one of BookEazy's special counters at the theatre of choice and get your tickets immediately :)
You can even check out show times for your favourite movies for free on the website.

Plus, you even get to know your seat layout and stuff, online :)

I couldn't emphasize this enough, how convenient this service has been. Trust me, how much ever I say it, it won't be enough. You have to go through it to believe it. I got my tickets at the theatre in under 10 seconds.

Frequent moviegoer or not, the convenience cannot be denied.

"This is not madness. This is Sparta BookEazy"
Leonidas - 300