Okay, I remember I did this post when I was really frustrated with the whole Ubuntu scenario, but I gotta say ... I've really grown to love this OS. And here's why:

1] It takes me exactly half an hour to do a Ubuntu re-install as opposed to a crappy one or two hour windows install. Although reinstalling stuff on Ubuntu involves a lot of downloading, I guess one way around is to download all the packages you need and use an install CD. Will post about that.

2] It's FREE! I mean, I don't have to worry about ripping stuff, and breaking the OS. Btw, that's how I broke my last windows install, WMP 11 was just too tempting.

3] Breaking Ubuntu happens, but not as often and unexpectedly as breaking Windows used to happen. Plus, with Ubuntu mostly everything is transparent so the fixes are about 50% obvious, the times that they're not obvious the forums rule!

4] I agree Ubuntu doesn't look as sophisticated and slick as Windows does, but hey that's part of the charm.

5] Hardware support can be an issue, but hey if you're smart enough to try installing some esoteric device you're smart enough to make it work.

I would suggest switching to anyone who'se using a ripped copy of Windows ... it's a good feeling to know you're not breaking any laws :D