Email I got:

No, we don't wear goggles in the night. We don't claim we can play the
guitar when we can't. We do not listen to 'cool' music like Himesh
Reshammiya. We don't speak English in a fake American accent. We don't
even ape the Paris Hiltons and the Brad Pitts of this world...

Oh yeah! We happen to have IQ level more than 120. We think that one should just try to be herself/himself.

Talking about something more than films and girls/boys is our forte. We
have something more than corny jokes to offer as humor and we can hold
a meaningful conversation for more than 5 mins.

And we don't believe in spending half our day in beauty parlor. We have
better things to do than to waste our time on 'loveship' and
'frandship'. High heels and ill fitting cool dress is a strict no no.

Rash bike driving and puking on the road is not our style. We don't flaunt what we got.. Jeez!

No! we are not cool, for my friend "Uncool is Cool"


Now, I don't know how to reply. Some responses come to mind:

1. I stopped using Orkut, because well, I was shamed into it by Facebook. But I have a small place in my heart for Orkut and those cheesy poems they sent out when you did their crush thing. Heeheh!

2. Dude. Being uncool is not cool. It's actually uncool. It's what uncool people tell themselves man. Shit, I thought you knew :(

3. Rash bike driving may not be my style but come on man "frandship" ... goggles at night ... puking on the road! It's almost like you were there watching the whole time :)

Love in uncoolness,

Ah, the good days.

PS: I do use words like coterie. All the time dude, in all my conversation. Or ubiquitously.