Dear Mr. Raghu Ram,

I truly and honestly believe that you and the rest of your MTV goonies are the cancer of our generation. I'm actually going to take out 10 minutes out of my day and explain to you why I think this. And then that's it. for you and me.

One, I'll start with Splitsvilla, because it's a show I watched. Sadly though. It was entertaining no doubt. I was hooked onto the results of every episode. But the question you must really ask yourselves is, how is that better than say India TV or say self-mutilation. India TV, however horrible at least delivers some news ... self mutilation ... well that causes pain which teaches you self mutilation is bad. Your shows though ... how do you even justify that?! Okay, so your participants win money.

2.5 lakhs for one winner.

Are you serious man?

Do you even tell them how much that is of the gross profit that show made? Is 0.00000000001913% even a number people can say out loud without giggling?

I mean come on, Vodafone, MSN? Don't tell me those guys didn't pay you something in like a gazillion bloody figures.

Oh! No wait, you gave them their own TV show, you made them famous. You made them CELEBRITIES! Yes of course, a lifetime full of this shit. Really man?

Two, you made this DVD. The ad actually said that people who want to get into Roadies and to impress you should but this DVD. Lets put aside the hubris in a statement like that. Really, let's let that go.

I know it'll take a while ... but for the sake of argument let's put it aside.

Do you know how much money your making off of people's insecurities?

(Cost of one DVD x Average number of people per city x Number of cities) + (All those other people who're in general trying to get into one of your reality shows because they've given up on life in general) + (All those other idiots who are randomly angry at everyone they see so they can be like you)

Mind you the cost is Rs. 599 per DVD.

Joe Rogan once said "Fuck dumb people. If they're dumb they should get ripped off. I get scared when smart people get ripped off."

Did I mention it was during a piece of standup comedy. That it was satirical?

So there you have it, you've pegged people in the age group of 10 to a 100 and the cost of their souls to you is Rs. 599 per head.

That's why I think you're the cancer of this time. Now I'm not asking people to boycott your shows or do any shit like that, even if I did it wouldn't happen right?

All I'm saying is let people know you're fucking them over, because you're a real man right? At least that's the shit you said on TV man, I dunno.

My 599 ruppees,