Barber (post-haircut while I'm brushing hair off my neck): Pull your pants up for a second

Me (Pulling pants up): Where's the hair?

Barber: See, isn't that better.

Me (Puzzled, look): Huh?

Barber (With wicked smile): You look way better with your pants pulled up.

Me: What?

Barber: You shouldn't wear your pants down like that? Why do you do that?

Me (Letting my pants slide down to their normal length, showing off a little of the boxers): It leaves more room for the stuff.

Barber: You got me.

That's the last time I go back to that 30 buck haircut shithead. That's the last time I ditch my regular barber because I decided on a split second I needed a haircut. That's the last time I do anything based on an assumption that someone is trying to help me brush hair of my knee.

"They can't stop us,
Let 'em try."
Manowar - Die for metal.