Someone wakes you up and you wake up, but you're too goddamn tired so you just lie there hoping the guy poking you will just realize you're too tired to wake up and leave you there to your peaceful slumber.

He pokes you again, "Sid, wake up man."

You grunt, hoping your friend would understand and leave you alone without you having to castrate him for his transgressions.

He pokes you again, this time accompanying the poke with a shake obviously getting more agitated, "Sid, dude, wake up. We should leave."

You shake his arm away in disapproval.

He pokes you again, this time knowing he's going to get results.

You sit up and open your eyes. You have that feeling again. That knowing feeling that you dreamt something important, something worth holding onto. Something you're going to see six months down the line and go, "Woah! I've been here man". Something you're head is still clutching onto with all it's might, because this one seemed a little more important than the others. This one ... but when you open the palms of your mind ... emptiness.


Plain, nothing.