Isn't it so damn cool!

Drool, makes me want to buy a Bajaj Pulsar.

Drool, makes me want to drive like that. And be a TOTAL FUCKASS!


The day this ad came on television, Pune traffic lost a lung.

Drool, makes me want to turn into an asshole myself and go upside one of those bikers and show him with the meaning of true traffic is.

How can you, in a good state of mind, advocate what's going on out there on those roads?! Have a bloody soul, feel bad for cutting someone off, feel bad for coming close to your death and cheating it. Feel bad for thinking it's okay to disrespect every single rule in the book, feel bad for disrespecting the law.

Believe you me, you can get lucky a 100 times out of 101, but that one time it won't work, don't go crying to your Mommy, freebikers aren't allowed to that ... I think it's written in the freebikers' manual.

Save Pune Traffic. Don't be an asshole.

"No one knows what it's like,
To be the bad man,
To be the sad man."
The Who - Behind Blue Eyes.