Would you put lines on your resume that essentially say:

"(bullet point) I am smart"
"(bullet point) I am awesome"

The premise initially is you would only add a line that says you're smart if you think people wouldn't think that when they read your resume or met you.

But, if that's common sense, then are you smart enough to realize that smart people don't put lines on their resume that say they're smart, for people who don't have enough time to assess that. So, are you smart enough to say you're smart, when all the smart people are really scared of looking like they're trying to hard.

The real question is should I work, or should I work?

I should work.

"Like a bull in a China shop,
But the shelves have all been cleared.
A thief in an empty vault,
The sheep already sheared
A screen door on a submarine,
An eagle with a broken wing,
Hope in a dead man's dream,
The sound of a bell
that will never ring

You're just wasting time "
Lamb Of God - Foot To The Throat

"I like smart, what I don't like is a smart-ass"
Raw Deal

PS: I love today.