I've been busy with things.

My project is going along just fine, if your interested in knowing what it's about email me I am not speaking about it on a public forum ... I know your looking Google. Bastards.

Words of Wisdom.
Everyone I know in Bombay is fine, for that I thank God, fate, whatever. But what happened was just not right. You don't kill innocent people to make a statement. You use words.

To the people of Bombay. You have my respect, you have my heart, you would have all my money if I had any. The stories of courage keep pouring on. The stories of life keep pouring in. Who needs Batman when you have Bumbaiyyas. The stories are awe inspiting. People ditching their lives, their jobs, to go out and help. No caste, no creed. Edmund Burke said, "For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good men to do nothin." Bombay did a lot. I may not be from Bombay ... but I respect its people.

I may not ooze wisdom :) But I'm happy with some recent turn of events. Hapiness ... is just around the corner. Hehe!