I usually absolutely hate chick flicks ... upto the extent of really rather wanting to die in a void of entertainment so total and entire it would make simple pimple boredom look like The George Carlin show (God bless his soul).

But my point is.

I like just two of them. I promise, just these two. The Holiday and Stranger Than Fiction.

I know that Stranger Than Fiction might not be classified as a chick flick. But shit man, no one dies, there's no blood, there's no monster, there's no crazy awesome siege, there's no mutants, there's no superhumans, there's no post modern apocalyptic-reality, and there's no prophecy.

So that's my guilt pleasure. Only two ... so Far.

"Body movin'
Body movin'
with the a-1 sound sound so soothing"
Beastie Boys - Body moving