I have a problem with picking urinals.

Vison this; you walk into a bathroom at the airport and it's stark empty except for one guy. He's washing his hands at the washbasin closest to the row of urinals. How do you pick which one to go in?

Ideally, I would pick the one closest to me given that I'm lazy and whatnot. But geez man, like all horrid contemporary loos the bloody urinals don't have walls between them! So I can't go right next to the guy washing his hands there!

Okay, so you go extreme and pick the last one, but then again do you want to be that guy that walks across the whole loo just to go to the last urinal because he's shy? Do you?!

So you say, okay, compromise, pick the middle.

So you walk up to the middle urinal and decide no, not this one, too dirty. Check out the next, nope, not good enough, too much gum in there. Next, nope still not good enough.

And as such you just end up going to the frikin cubicled one.

I hate, hate, hate, hate urinals. They make you choose, and I don't want to.

"They shot, stabbed and bludgeoned nine people to death,
Committing one of the most heinous crimes in history"
Children Of The Grave - White Zombie version