ThoughtWorks Chennai

I've been staying in Chennai for the past three weeks, I've flown home for all weekends and am in the loo, where I blog at my best.

The Chennai office is at the Regus office complex in Guindy.

The weather in Chennai is summer-ish, which I like but it gets slightly intense in the afternoons which is alright considering everything is centrally air conditioned all the time.

We spent the first week interacting with the client as part of the inception of the first project here, and it's been one of the more kickass expriences I've had here at ThoughtWorks.

The codebase we're working on has been written by ThoughtWorkers from the UK office. It's got some really kickass aspects to it. For example, it uses jQuery all over the place, it also uses an adaption of the Presenter pattern, the view adapter pattern.

Overall it's been a fairly intense time, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world :) The next four months promises to be interesting in n number of ways, which is nice. I like interesting times, makes me feel alive.

Plus, the office complex has a ridiculous set of rules which I love breaking with a big grin on my face.

That and Martin Fowler is apparently making a stop here for a couple of days, should be *ahem* interesting to meet with the guy.