You remember this arcade game from when we were kids?

Well, this idiot business complex I work in, has about six elevators on the ground floor. Now the problem is around 7 pm some of them arbitrarily shut down. By shut down, I mean, they seem like they work the digital LED says "G" but when you hit the button the sadistic doors won't open.

So today, I actually ran from lift to lift and managed to miss all four of the working lifts. In the process of running (I know, I ran) I sprained my ankle.

Can you believe that?

What're the odds that I was actually paddled around. I feel slightly important.

Or maybe I should change my strategy. It's either that or lose it and break those lifts of death, whichever comes first.

"Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man,
Is either a fool or a coward."
Lamb Of God - Omerta.