I never knew you could have a horrible Christmas day, I just never knew.

So yes, it's been an injuringly long day, and I'm this close to falling off and falling asleep but I promised myself I'd blog today, so here we go.

One, it's insanely hilarious how I promise myself I'll blog about inane shit like today, and not blog about the stuff I'm doing technology wise, must make note to blog about:
1. Signed Javascript Apps.
2. Deploying them.
3. Making a Rails plugin.

Two, I cannot dance. I'm just not cut out like that. No I'm serious man, I'm sure I'm defective in that way, and my sweet sister has asked me to dance at her wedding on a grand total of four songs. I swear, I was going to fall down and die when I heard that. I mean, yeah four whiskeys later I'm doing all kinds of things on the dance floor, but you're talking about serious choreographer stuff here. I know I'm part of my family and all ... but ugh man, I suck at dancing. The problem is we Sindhis take out wedding dances very very seriously. I remember a time when I was a kid, and dancing used to be fun and I used to be able to do hand stands and be funny and that was acceptable. Now ... well let's not go into that. I know two songs I'll be dancing on so far. Bring It On and Partner. Wheee.

Three, New Years' I will be in Bombay partying it up with friends, so whopeee!!

Four, Christmas ... I did fairly nothing. I've been adding a custom search to the lyrics website and it's not working out well, so I need to work on that a tonne.

Five, I've been playing Devil May Cry 3. And it is damn damn damn kickass.

I think I'll sleep now. I want tomorrow to be a nice day. A merry and nice day.

"Let's put a smile on that face"
The Joker - The Dark Knight