This time, ordered according to priority.

1. NYC vacation: No questions asked. This is and always will be number one.

2. MacBook Pro: I have decided I don't want to go to jail before the age of 30, hence killing Mr. Dude for his black MacBook Pro is not something I want to do.

3. iTouch: It's just so damn pretty. And plus music addiction is so my thang.

4. Books: Somewhat last on the list, because well ... I'm smart already, reading is for people who don't have MacBooks.

5. Uber - God like power: This I know I won't get. But what the hey. I want stuff like teleportation (most important), ability to read people's minds (very cool), super batting power (I'm Indian what to tell you), carrom skills (I just really suck at carrom)

So yes, beer makes me want gifts. You didn't know that did you?