Some days you wake up feeling like the man of steel. You feel like you take on a hail of bullets and have a Harry Potter to show for it.

Some days someone puts kryptonite in your tea. And you just want to kill something.

You know how some people just never have any luck ordering pizza. You know me then. I've never had a good experience ordering a pizza home, like ever! I don't know why I still do it. I just don't. Every single time I order a pizza it comes in late. So yeah, I can deal with it you know, I'm not exactly the kind of guy that likes to eradicate a people.

Pizza guys are great though, they do this thing with the "I'll give you a 50% off on your next purchase with us" which is so awesome!

Because well you get 50% percent off AND you have to be darft enough to order pizza home from the same idiots who got your pizza late to begin with. I never really followed up with the discount so I don't know if it would happen, but I'm willing to bet they would have got that late too.

What really gets to you though is when you throw your hands up and say:

"Dude, the pizza place is 10 minutes away from the office there really is no excuse for an hour and a half delay. I don't want a discount man, just do something about how you take your orders."

Now, somehow in some weird pigmy ass interpretation Mr. Pizza guy (nameless) interprets that as a "Please say something about discount offers that will insult me."

"Sir, I am prepared to offer you a 15% discount now .... or 50% off on your next purchase."

Honestly man, whoever came up with that kind of an offer should be shot. But more honestly, the guy who took either side of that offer should be mutilated.

Don't ever do that to anyone. Ever. It's just very very hollow. To incite that someone is being greedy is to err. But to incite that someone is being greedy and to make them choose between two options that both have "Sell your soul to me, because I deliver pizza late and throw money at people who complain" is just shit. Have some balls. Take some responsibility, it's okay to go hungry for one night but the satisfaction of telling the pizza guy to shove it makes my day anyday.

And one more thing, don't give in to the rickshawallahs ... ever! Stand your bloody ground, if you belong to Pune, make it your home. Don't let some asshole take it away from you because you're too lazy to walk a few minutes. Make the effort, it's always worth it.

"And then you'll know yourself."
Pantera - Goddamn Electric.