If your using the Ruby plugin with Intellij which by the way is way feckin' awesome your should be suffering some performance issues. Intellij eats up about 300 to 400 megs easily and it's really deathly slow. Especially if you try running your tests out of IntelliJ.

Here's something to speed things up a bit. Open up #{idea_directory}/bin/idea.vmoptions and make it look like this:


The first line specifies that idea should load up with 300 megs, this is good because it ensures idea doesn't go "allocate allocate allocate" because it has sufficient memory ot begin with.

The second line specifies max memory. You can up this number. My dell has only one gig hence I keep it at 500 megs.

The UseConcMarkSweep is way cool, because it's an alternate garbage collection algorithm which the JVM uses and is way efficient if your running a dual core.

The server argument to the JVM is good for long running processes because the JVM optimises it that way.

Thanks to Chris Stevenson for this life saver.