Firefox print preview eyuck!!

I mean, it's actually pretty nice, it's us who were screwing up but c'mon everyone keeps saying all these nice things about firefox it's about time someone played Devil's advocate!

Problem: Firefox's print preview ate up pages 197-200 pages of a 300 page print preview and for some reason rendered the rest as un-tabulated HTML even though in the HTML source the HTML was perfectly formatted, other browsers Safara, Opera (notice me not saying IE) displayed things perfectly.

The shakedown:
1. We were inserting page break's programmatically using CSSs'

<div style = "page-break-after: always;"></div>

2. Somewhere in the code there was a float: left and float: right trying to create a div that exists side by side on the same page like I do with my sweet brother. Unfortunately, and I can't stress this enough only one float can exist in this town bubba! Use a float and a margin if you like, it's good CSS, I learnt it from the O'Reilly book.

leftElement {
float: left;

rightElement {
margin-left: some_number em;

PS: Use "em" please ... don't use "px" be more in-support-of-resizing-fonts/usable/awesome. em is based on the font-size of the element and pixels are just poison if you resize.
Also, as the paranoid boy in me keeps insisting use a div with a style that clears everything to make sure you have no float's affecting something else's behaviour.

<div style = "clear: both;"></div>

3. Somehow the extra float: right killed the page-breaks we tried to insert ... how and why I cannot tell ... and will probably never be able to find out, but to gain something from this, try using the Firebug extension, it is seriously the shiznit of the time. So if your page-breaks aren't working as expected or anything isn't for that matter give it a shot, good stuff!

"We said we would return,
and here we are again"
Manowar - Warriors Of The World