Usually on a Ubuntu install you install rails via

sudo gem install rails

But, sometimes this leaves the symlinks in the vendor/plugins folder broken. You fix it as follows

sudo apt-get install rails

Who'd have thought you need to both eh? Well, the new Rails install guide for Ubuntu Fesity fawn tells you to do so, but not why.

Anywho, if you need by any chance to downgrade a version like I did. Apparently rake tasks that use ActiveRecord objects don't work quite well on Rails - 1.2.2 so I had to go down to Rails - 1.6.6

sudo gem install rails -v1.6.6

Go to and get the specific version of Rails from there.


The reason for this is, by default your server will first look for Rails inside your MY_APP/vendor folder, and since those symlinks are broken will complain since an install using gem doesn't put Rails inside the /vendor folder, it only creates symlinks.

A fix is just to delete what's in the MY_APP/vendor folder.

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