I have one of those colds which you leave out of dinner table conversation because well, it's funner to have your ankle hair braided and make up put on your face in your sleep and later mocked by your cousin sisters than dealing with this ... this fog in your head.

As far as home remedies go:

1. Chai/Tea preferably ginger is your best friend. I really mean this.
2. Hot soup, hot soup, hot soup ... mix it in rice if you like stewed rice. It's a nice delusion of grandeur, tastes almost like the real thing.
3. Hot water + honey + ginger = Awesomeness (thanks to my project manager for this)
4. Beat yourself senseless with a brand spankin' new leather belt.

Yes No. 4 is a lie.
"Warriors from hells domain
Will bring you to your death
The flames of hades burning strong
Your soul shall never rest"
Slayer - Hell Awaits