This Saturday I was at the Pune Barcamp 3 and as usual it didn't fail to deliver. As a technology conference admittedly the Barcamps I've attended so far have been centered around the startup experience and mainly web technologies, but given that the people in these two spheres heavily rely on networking it's not surprising :)

There were some really interesting seminars that deserve a mention.

1. Ketan's seminar on how Eclipse is not just an IDE but can be used a plugin development IDE to develop tools that can do a whole diverse range of stuff.

2. Aditya Thatte's presentation on the upcoming Miscrosoft Silverlight. I think this one deserves a special mention for the quality of the presentation's delivery and response.

3. Freeman's presentation on open source education initiatives.

4. The presentation on how setting up base in the USA, UK and Singapore helps in terms of tax cuts. This one again deserves a special mention for the presentation as well as the content, quite an eye-opener.

Freeman said something very interesting on how the Barcamp community is almost a guild of techies who take care of each other. Cheers to that!

"Here comes the revolution,
Time for retribution"
Judas Priest - Revolution