All the most kickass and interesting chapters in my life will be labelled hereforth as "The Chronicles Of S.Dawara Jr."

So you ask what's so interesting about today? It seems like just another day, another Wednesday, another 4th of another July. Well, you would be damn wrong, oh so damn wrong!

Today is my first day at work at the ThougthWorks Pune office. I sit here on the laptop they gave me, a Dell latititude, worried sick about someone catching me blogging. Everyone around me is arguing and working, and a lot of people seem to be eating banana chips. I love those things!!!

I'm not working right now, because
1. I'm like that.
2. I'm actually going to be working on a Ruby project (dance dance dance) but the problem is the developer I'm supposed to pair with is not in town. He comes back on Monday ... till he gets back I'm a bum with a mission, setting everything up.

All I get to do is sit here and blog my ass raw. Sigh, all the good things in life elude me till I actually go out and get myself a job.

I will be posting some pictures from my first day here, so watch this space fo the shizzle mah main man!

Oh yeah did I forget to mention how awesome this place is? I mean seriously ... I can work in shorts. Pishaw to all you others who feel bad, go tear of your pants. GO!