Being a victim of malware spread via USB, I felt this post is quite justified. Have you had the experience wherein you plugged in your USB drive and double-clicked on it and nothing happened ... and everytime from then on that you've tried to eject a drive didn't work. Well, people you've infected your drives and computers for long enough.

Here's how to deal with it:

1] For your drive, plug it into a Linux PC and delete the autorun.inf file or do it using a Windows PC without double-clicking on the drive icon. By not double clicking on the drive icon your basically not running the code in the autorun.inf file.

2] For your PC, a format and re-install is the best solution, but in case you're not infected and looking for a solution, here's what to do via Thushan Fernando's blog:
1. Start > Run, type in 'gpedit.msc' without the quotes, this will show you the Group Policy Editor.
2. Goto 'Computer Configuration' > 'Administrative Templates' > 'System' and select 'Turn Off Autoplay'
3. When the properties for the policy pops up, check 'Enable' and select 'All Drives' and hit OK.

Cheers and stay safe!
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