T - 12 hours to the exam.

I've done all I can. Am going to get 6 hours of sleep ... 4am to 10am. Then up and awake, need to leave by at least 1pm to get there by 2.

4 much work, 2 less time. Adapted from Udit's "4 much alcohol, 2 less time".

You want to be someplace so bad, but ... it's just not going to happen. The universe will conspire against you ... OH! IT WILL! But it really is upto you, to accept the situation for what it is, or to "milk to mofo" as I like to say.

Truth be told, I haven't done any of these things of which I so valiantly speak ... and I don't see what I want happenening ... but life is not a passive sentence my people, life ... is an active sentence which you would rather live than serve. I see me determined at getting what I want and that's what matters.

Word life.

T-12 hours. Back to theory and reading more code ... to the end.

"We'll catch the wind." Battle Hyms - Manowar.