Hilos and Greetings.

For the past three days Me and Rohit (now Bobby) have been using PHP, with MySQL running on an Apache server on Windows XP Home. We developed a nice web application that works well with user sessions, but doesn't DO much. It's a spreadsheet application to log your income and expenditure and provide statistics on that basis.

Due to certain time constraints we couldn't do much. Whatever we did though, was good.

The good news is that it is a work in progress. We plan to post it up online, as soon as I can get in touch with Akshay so we can rip his online space ;) So you should probably be looking at a www.SpreadsheetEnterpriseX.com online or something to that effect soon enough.

Why the name, hmmm, if we went public what would our listing be like? :P Think about it.

Moving on.

For the next 10 days of my life, a journey, I will set off on. A JAVA journey.

I will blog about my day to day problems and solutions, for me to marvel at.

A few quotes I picked up on:

"If you don't know how to lose. Don't Lose." Prerna.
"The world is not enough, I need more stupidity." Ashu.
"I can't let God win." Dave Mustaine.

Till then, take a look at this new startup @ BookEazy.