Today me and a friend were talking, and we share a very deep sentiment for heavy metal; we realised that because of heavy metal, we had met a lot of people and shared a common bond with them; which we would not have, had it not been for heavy metal.

The weird part is, most of these people are very close friends of mine. Of course, there are exceptions, I have amazing friends who don't listen to heavy metal.

What's even more surprising; is the culture. We all have the same values instilled in us, when it comes to sharing music, appreciating someone else's taste ... or whatever it may be. We all have the same distinction between wrong and right in the context of sharing music, or even simply living the music.

The best example would be me meeting someone after ages. The first thing we do is exchange music. And it doesn't matter if its new music, or the sheer volume of it. But it's the principle of the thing. You want to share with someone, something that you've held close to your soul. More importantly, something you respect immensely.

A religion or sorts.

Since of course we've taken so much from the Heavy Metal Culture in Pune. Me and my friends are deciding to make a documentary on the scene in Pune.

Hopefully, it should be good.

"Back in the day when there were Vikings and all that kind of crazy shit going on. There was a bunch of motherfuckers called the berserkers. The most feared motherfuckers in the land and they were pure Black Label Fans."
Black Label Society.