I remember hearing this song very long back; it's got a beautiful rythm. For my 20th birthday, one of my good friends Appu, gave me this tape. The Best Of Black Sabbath.

Love this song.

Lyrics Spiral Architect.

EDIT: Just remembered where I had heard it. The Black Sabbath Reunion album my brother bought me :)

Gifts I got:
. Beautiful pair of formal clothes - Brother
. All weather Columbia Jacket and skull cap - Brother
. Mind blowing choclates - Brother
. F*cking sexy SQL T-Shirt - Brother
. Batman Begins Limited Edition DVD - Brother
. Aardvark'D DVD - Brother
. Full on sherwani (traditional Indian wear) - Mom and Dad
. Kick ass party with a kick ass Cake! - Mom and Dad
. The most fun visit ever w. lunch - Prerna
. DVD with Kill Bill 1,2 Charlies Angels 1,2 - Sayali
. Rum Choclates - Sangram
. Best Of Black Sabbath - Appu
. DVD's (promised; but still not received :)) : Madagascar, Finding Nemo, Pulp Fiction, Finding Forrester.